South Africa

Finals Preview of the Rugby Championship
The weekend is here, bringing with it the final round of this year’s Rugby Championship (RC). The Currie Cup kicks off this weekend, so be sure to check out the local upcoming players showcase their skills. Alright, I was really optimistic that this final round would turn out to be […]

The Short-arm: Finals Preview of the Rugby Championship

Braai Songs
After much discussion in our second instalment of the Lekker Chewns podcast (Episode 2: Favourite Braai Songs), we have settled on our Top 10 playlist of must-have songs to rock out to around the braai. It was a tall order – but after careful deliberation and restricting top spots to […]

Bullet Point ZA: Top Ten Braai Songs

We are back for our weekly locally-flavoured podcast: The Lekker Chewnscast. This week we are chewning about South African slang. Come and join in our discussion of some of the slang words we use sometimes and some of the slang that makes South Africa a unique nation. Enjoy! P.S. I […]

The Lekker Chewnscast 003 – South African Slang

We are back for our weekly locally-flavoured podcast: The Lekker Chewnscast. This week the discussion has a distinct… mmh… char-grilled flavour. Yes! One of the defining factors of being South African is having yourself a good old braai. This week on the Lekker Chewnscast we discussed some of the music […]

The Lekker Chewnscast 002 – Top Braai Songs

Aah man! It sucks when things just don’t go the way you want them to. The Springboks had control of the match against the All Blacks, just to stumble at the end… again. It makes me worry that the Springboks lose composure in the last quarter of their matches, particularly […]

The Short-arm: Beyond the Results in Round 2 of The Rugby Championship

Gear up for Round 2 of The Rugby Championship
We have reached the midway-point of “The Rugby World Cup warm-up tournament”… I mean The Rugby Championship. It really is almost insignificant with all eyes on The Rugby World Cup this year. But hey, who doesn’t enjoy lifting a trophy right? Round 2 is here, and with this shortened format, […]

The Short-arm: Gear up for Round 2 of The Rugby Championship

The first ever episode of our local South African podcast: The Lekker Chewnscast. We discuss everything about living and growing up in South Africa. It’s basically just four guys just talking nonsense for an hour. But it’s hilarious, and educational… sometimes…maybe. This week we are discussing Eskom and loadshedding, what […]

The Lekker Chewnscast Episode 001 – Loadshedding, Youth, Disney and Taxis

The first round of The Rugby Championship provided a mixed bag of emotions for me. Obviously I am bummed about the Springboks losing to Australia, and a bit angry since we had it in the bag but let it slip. The Aussies played well and in all fairness, they deserved […]

The Short-arm: Behind the results of Round 1 of The Rugby Championship

Rugby Champions
The international rugby season is here, and it’s about time!! Top class international rugby from the best players in each country… mouth-watering! I will be focusing here on the Rugby Championship (RC) and keeping an eye on the Bokke during the build-up towards the Rugby World Cup (RWC) later this year. Here […]

The Short-arm: Predictions for Round 1 of The Rugby Championship