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I always hesitate to review shows that involve non-fictional/historical figures because it requires that you do some research in order to fully understand the actual person/history versus what you’re being shown in the anime you watch. Depending on the viewpoint the anime takes, you could end up routing for someone […]

Sengoku Basara – History Repeats Itself…And It’s Great! (Anime Review)

It’s not that often that you find animes that can draw you in and hook you so easily but end up taking you on paths you weren’t quite expecting… Guilty Crown is one of those types so read on if you want to know more… The Stats: Another product of […]

Guilty Crown – All That Glitters Is Not Gold… (Anime Review)

Sometimes I just want to sink my teeth into something interesting and supernatural and if you couldn’t tell from the pun I just gave, at the moment I’m going down a vampire-ish route, so why not take a detour to the dark side for a while as we check out […]

Noblesse – It’s love at first bite! (Anime Review)

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a future where not only your every move, but your every thought and emotion is tracked? Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? Well what if this limitation on personal freedom was for the good of society? That by doing this, […]

Psycho-Pass – Surpasses Expectations! (Anime Review)