Stuff We Need in South Afrcia: Zuma Netflix and Chill (Source Image - Wikipedia)
Click play below to enjoy The Lekker Chewns Podcast Episode  2 – Stuff We Need in South Africa: The weekly South African flavoured podcast is back with a new format, some new tech and tackling some new issues. This week we are discussing some of the stuff we would really love to […]

The Lekker Chewns Podcast – Stuff We Need in South Africa (Ep. ...

The first ever episode of our local South African podcast: The Lekker Chewnscast. We discuss everything about living and growing up in South Africa. It’s basically just four guys just talking nonsense for an hour. But it’s hilarious, and educational… sometimes…maybe. This week we are discussing Eskom and loadshedding, what […]

The Lekker Chewnscast Episode 001 – Loadshedding, Youth, Disney and Taxis