River algal bloom
Click play below to enjoy The Lekker Chewns Podcast Episode  4 – Algal Blooms, Government, Health and DBN VS PE. Alternatively, you can press the io MORE button to go to to listen/download in higher quality. Also you can check this out on the iChewns. The weekly South African flavoured […]

The Lekker Chewns Podcast – Algal Blooms, Government, Health and DBN VS ...

What We Would Miss About South Africa
We are back for our weekly locally-flavoured podcast: The Lekker Chewnscast. This week the guys are taking a look at travelling in South Africa! Come join in the discussion as we go through some of the top spots we have been and the places we would like to visit in […]

The Lekker Chewnscast 006 – Travelling in South Africa