The Chewns are back for our first anime podcast episode for 2016. Today we are discussing some of the anime we watched over the holidays and the new ones we picked up this season of “Winter 2016”. But first we get into some of the interesting news points from the […]

Breaking the Holiday Anime Backlog (The Anime Chewns Podcast – Ep. 007)

So this little manga was given at screenings of Boruto – Naruto the Movie in Japan. Sadly I was not there, but as usual, this chapter has found its way onto the internet. I thought I would give a few thoughts as there was quite an interesting development. Similar to […]

Review: The Day Naruto Became Hokage – Naruto the Movie Special Gaiden

Come join our discussion of Konohamaru’s Shippuuden journey in these little flashback-filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden 422-423 for the release of the new Boruto: Naruto the Movie in theaters in Japan. Enjoy! You can also check this out on the iChewns. Thanks for listening, and if you did enjoy this […]

Anime Chewnscast Review: Naruto Shippuden 422-423