Anime industry

This week the Chewns are getting serious (for us at least) about the state of the anime industry. We lay down a few ways the industry can improve to better serve the consumer (especially in third world markets) and proliferate throughout the world. Why don’t you come join the conversation […]

Ways to Improve the Anime Industry (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 010)

I recently watched a video from The Anime Man on Youtube that really struck me at the core of being an Otaku. While I was actually planning to write this article for quite a while, it was motivating to see that other people (e.g. Anime Review Girl) also have the same concerns […]

10 Ways the Anime Industry Needs to Change

Click play below to enjoy episode 2 of The Anime Chewns Podcast: Or check us out on YouTube here: The Chewns are coming at you with an all-new weekly anime, manga and all around otaku podcast. For our second episode of The Anime Chewns Podcast we are discussing a battle as […]

The Anime Chewns Podcast – Subbed vs. Dubbed! (Ep. 002)