The Lekker Chewns Podcast – #FeesMustFall (Ep. 001 – Reboot)

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The weekly South African flavoured podcast is back with a new format, some new tech and tackling some new issues. This week we are discussing the #FeesMustFall movement. But first we discuss some of the news we care about, including:


1). Oscar Pistorius Release & State Appeal for new conviction

2). KZN declared disaster area due to the Drought

3). “No” to fracking in KZN

4). New car licence rules for SA

5). SA Hockey – Champs of Africa!


Just like our beautiful country, the podcast is slightly broken because of management AKA me (Yanas) who’s mic was off the entire time, so please bear with me as I had to amplify my voice in some places, so much for new tech (#sorry). Stay chewned!


P.S. Listen to the end to find out what the feature image is about.


Thanks for listening, and if you did enjoy this or have suggestions please comment below, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Let us know some of your #FeesMustFall thoughts!

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