The Lekker Chewns Podcast – Discussing the Water Crisis in South Africa (Ep. 003)

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The weekly South African flavoured podcast is back with a new format, some new tech and tackling some new issues and telling it like it is. This week we are discussing the water crisis in South Africa. But first we discuss some of the news we care about, including:


1). Terrorism in Paris

2). Woolworth’s labeling and mannequin woes

3). Student Loans in South Africa

4). University Languages in South Africa

5). Financial status of South African cities

For our topic of the week we discuss the water crisis in South Africa, whats happening, some possible solutions and the future. Save water guys!


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Dam in Lesotho (Wikipedia)

PS. The featured image is actually a dam in Lesotho and is a reference to what Donjuandadj says near the end of the podcast.

Image credits: Wikipedia

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