River algal bloom

The Lekker Chewns Podcast – Algal Blooms, Government, Health and DBN VS PE (Ep. 004)

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The weekly South African flavoured podcast is back with a new format, some new tech and tackling some new issues and telling it like it is. This week’s lekker topic is life in Durban VS life in PE. But first we discuss some of the news we care about, including:

1). Potentially toxic Algal blooms in our dams

2). Government news: ANC was there long before democracy – Zuma, Zuma’s salary increase, luxury spending, criticising the government

3). Health in South Africa

Afterwards we have a chat about living in Port Elizabeth as guys coming from Durban. Spoiler alert: it’s windy, old school and chilled.

Thanks for listening, and if you did enjoy this or have suggestions please comment below, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Let us know your thoughts about life in South Africa and DBN VS PE!

River algal bloom

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