The Lekker Chewns Podcast

Life in SA.

We are back for our weekly locally-flavoured podcast: The Lekker Chewnscast. This week the discussion has a distinct… mmh… char-grilled flavour. Yes! One of the defining factors of being South African is having yourself a good old braai. This week on the Lekker Chewnscast we discussed some of the music […]

The Lekker Chewnscast 002 – Top Braai Songs

The first ever episode of our local South African podcast: The Lekker Chewnscast. We discuss everything about living and growing up in South Africa. It’s basically just four guys just talking nonsense for an hour. But it’s hilarious, and educational… sometimes…maybe. This week we are discussing Eskom and loadshedding, what […]

The Lekker Chewnscast Episode 001 – Loadshedding, Youth, Disney and Taxis