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Join our discussion of the latest episode of Gangsta 05: Sanctions. No episode was aired last week, but the wait was well worth it! New characters are introduced and we finally get some juicy new information that sheds light onto the story behind all the awesomeness! Be warned, there are […]

Anime Chewnscast Review: Gangsta 05

We review, discuss and analyse the latest episode of Naruto Shippuden 421 – Sage of the Six Paths. One of the best Shippuuden episodes to date! We go into the matrix of the battle with Uchiha Madara! Click play on the bar below and enjoy! You can also check this […]

Anime Chewnscast Review: Naruto Shippuden 421

Our third episode of our somewhat weekly anime podcast, it’s The Anime Chewnscast 003. We are discussing the latest Naruto Shippuden 420, One Piece 702 and Dragon Ball Super 3. Naruto is up first but if you want to just hear our thoughts on One Piece you can listen from […]

Anime Chewnscast Review – Naruto 420, One Piece 702 and Dragon Ball ...

Our second episode of The Anime Chewnscast. We are discussing the new, and hopefully soon-to-be-great Dragon Ball Super anime. Also, we have a new member among the ranks. Click play on the bar below and enjoy! Update: We moved over to Thanks for listening, and if you did enjoy […]

Anime Chewnscast Review – Dragon Ball Super 001-002