Top 10 One Piece Moments (The Anime Chewns Podcast – Ep. 008)

The Chewns are back with out latest episode of the weekly Anime Chewns Podcast. This week is all about One Piece and the Top 10 moments we felt were the most memorable and most true to the essence of Oda’s masterpiece. Let us know what your most memorable moments are and how you rank them!

We also comment on Akira Toriyama’s disappointment with recent Dragon Ball adaptations.

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The List:

10. The Strawhats going up against Kuma on Saboady Island and losing hopelessly.

9. Shanks ending the war at Marineford and Coby’s despair.

8. Zoro pledging to never lose again after being defeated by Mihawk.

7. The Deaths of Ace and Whitebeard and their effect on Luffy and the World.

6. “Death is not an apology” – Emotional words by Brooke about his promise to Laboon.

5. Zoro sacrificing himself to protect Luffy and the Strawhats against Kuma on Thriller Bark.

4. Usopp challenging Luffy for Going Mery Go, essentially committing a mutiny.

3. The Going Merry Go falls.

2. “I want to Live!” – Robin wanting to be rescued from CP9.

1. “Luffy… Save me…” – Nami asking Luffy for help against Arlong.

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