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It has been a few weeks since I last wrote about One Piece. There was not that much to speak about following Doflamingo’s defeat in Chapter 791. However, this week’s chapter, Sabo’s Adventure, gave me a much-needed push to jump back into the fray. For me, this week’s chapter represented […]

Review: One Piece 794 – Sabo’s Adventure

Recap of chapters 788-789 [Spoilers] So when I last wrote about One Piece Luffy had just unlocked Gear 4th but was still unable to silence Doflamingo. But honestly, since then not much has happened. The past few weeks were quite slow for one piece, unnecessarily so. For some reason, everything that could […]

Review: One Piece 788-791 – Rubble

Recap of Chapters 700 + 6-8: [Spoilers] So when I last wrote about Naruto Gaiden the largely unknown Uchiha characters were about to launch their offensive on the Konoha gang. Since then we have witnessed the first full-on battle between Hokage Naruto with Sasuke and the Akatsuki revival. Shin reveals himself […]

Review: Naruto Gaiden 700 + 6-9 – I Will Protect You

[Spoilers] So I started reviewing Fairy Tail a few days ago. A series that I did not think I would be reinvigorated like it has. Similarly, I believe that One Piece has also declined in quality recently. Since the Straw-hats landed in New World I have felt like this new […]

Review: One Piece 784-787 – Gear Fourth – 4 Minutes Before