One Piece 807 -The Elephant Zoan Attack

Review: One Piece Chapter 807 – 10 Days Ago (I Was Wrong)

Well everybody has to be wrong once in a while, I guess. I was wrong in my analysis of One Piece Chapter 806, where I speculated that Caesar and Momonosuke had gone with Sanji along with Brook’s soul. This was not the case. But anyway, continual good form for Oda and I really liked this chapter despite not much happening. Lets get right into my thoughts of One Piece Chapter 807 – 10 Days Ago, shall we?

One Piece 807 - 10 Days Ago

One Piece 807 – 10 Days Ago

Recap piece

So we start off this weeks chapter with the Strawhats having a merry time with the Mink tribe, in what seems to be a celebration of Luffy’s arrival. The Minks are quite enamored with the Strawhats, always taking opportunities to lick of chew on them (weird, I know). To my great surprise Brook bursts in, in all his Diva glory. From the previous chapter, I was so sure that his soul had abandoned his body in order to go following Sanji. But this was not the case, he was fully… alive? Although, in not the best condition. Luffy mentions Momonosuke and Kin’emon only to get hushed by his comrades who say that samurais are a tender subject for the minks at the moment. Momonosuke is here but refusing to leave his room and Kin’emon and Kanjurou had yet to arrive. Thereafter two guys come in looking for Baron corpse, which is what the Minks affectionately call Brook. This is why Wanda mentioned dead bodies, which might have just been a weird mistranslation. In any case, it seems that Wanda particularly liked Brook because he was just bones, and dogs like bones apparently.

One Piece 807 - Baron Corpse

Baron corpse, a confusing name indeed

It seems that Sanji was not kidnapped, captured or killed (massive Oda trolling) but had left leaving behind a note. The crew then inquire to Nami as to what exactly happenend over the past 10 or so days. It seems they were attacked by Big Mam’s singing ship along with the Egg-man and the Lion-thing from the Fish-man arc as well as Capone ‘Gang’ Bege. The crew manage to fend of the attack and counter attack together with a mirage from Nami’s Rain-Tempo allows them to escape. The crew arrive on an already devastated Zou island and are able to help the Mink tribe recover from “Mokomo Dukedom”. Before Wanda arrives it seems that their Prince, Inuarashi had awoken and was asking for the Strawhats. It seems that Zou is governed by two Princes, the King of Dusk Master Nekomamushi (Cat-Viper) and the King of Dawn Price Inuarashi (Dog-storm/porcupine perhaps?). The strife on Zou began 17 days ago, a month after the arrival of the heart pirates. While they thought the bell rang to signal visitors, it rang to warn of attack. It seems that a gigantic elephant Zoan (Jack perhaps?) had come looking for Raizou, a warrior of the Wano kingdom.

One Piece 807 -The Elephant Zoan Attack

Jack… is that you?

Impressions Piece

This chapter provided some great back story into what happened here on the island of Zou, but only enough to keep us wanting more. I really feel as though Oda is hitting some of the notes from some of his earlier and much greater arcs that we love. I was disappointed that the situation did not turn out as I expected but it’s of course good to hear that their party is actually fine. It seems that the Samurais are a sore spot for the Minks but it has only been a few days, not like a lifetime hatred so I was not sure if that actually fit in context. Something unsavory must have happened with the Samurai that was on Zou, this Raizou. Could it be that Raizou was a bad guy from Wano and caused much havoc here? Are Kin’emon and Kanjuuro actually here to apprehend him? or aide in his escape from Wano kuni? I don’t know, what will Oda troll us with next? He could even be that monkey thing that fell on the samurais knocking them off, he was apparently making ninja sounds, who knows? Only Oda.

The Mink’s fascination with humans is quite weird, especially the canines love of Brooke. I don’t think we saw this with any of the Minks we have seen before, and there have been a few that we never noticed i.e. Montblanc Cricket’s mates back before the Skypiea arc. Perhaps they lose this habit once they leave, or ar born away from Zou.

One Piece - Monblanc Cricket

Montblanc Cricket… and the Minks?

The Strawhats evading Big-Mam’s ship was quite bad-ass and I am glad that they were able to get away with their own strength instead of some miraculous Deus Ex Machina. They also seemed to arrive in time to help the Minks. It might be that Prince Inuarashi would have died if not for Chopper. Chopper seems to now have a disciple doctor learning from him. All in all a good back-story set-up chapter, and I can’t Wait for more!

Predictions Piece

It could be that Prince Inuarashi was the one that was tortured by Jack in the stocks. Which would explain Wanda’s tears, Wanda is a canine Mink and I think the Prince might also be like a Canine hybrid. Since Nekomamushi might be a Cat-Viper hybrid. It might be safe to say that the Elephant Zoan is Jack, but this could just be someone accompanying him. I am not sure what he wants with Raizou. It could be that Raizou stole something important, a devil-fruit perhaps? SMILE of SAD? Apparently Raizou makes a teh-teh-teh-teh sound when he runs and so did the monkey thing that fell on them earlier did. So they might be linked. Only time will tell.

One Piece 804 - Teh Teh Teh

TEH-TEH-TEH-TEH, is that you… Raizou?

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