One Piece 806 - Namis Regret

Review: One Piece 806 – Something is Fishy Here (At the Fort on the Right Belly)

Eiichiro Oda is continuing his top form with this chapter of One Piece 806 – At the Fort on the Right Belly. This new arc on Zou island is shaping up to be something great and that’s not counting the stuff that is going on at the revolutionary army. I think this arc s going to bring one of the most central and important themes of One Piece back into the fray, that being: Nakama! That’s right we are probably going into some sort of crew rescue arc and I can’t wait. Without further adieu, here are my thoughts of One Piece 806…

One Piece 806 - Fuchsia Village


Firstly, it’s pertinent to say that the cover of this chapter was quite a refresher. I was happy to see the crew back on Fuchsia island and it seems that they are celebrating not only Luffy’s increasing infamy but also the resurrection of the once-fallen Sabo.  The volcano eruption caused by the elephant’s trunk was quite an obvious thing as I alluded to in my review of One Piece 805. It seems that the clods of water that “Zunisha” the elephant uses to wash or cool it’s back essentially helps the ecosystem on the island to flourish. The locals filter this water for drinking and the sheer volume of water allows for a steady supply of fish for the locals to feed on. It also seems as though the food may fight back as a few sharks also descend on Zou. Incidentally, the clods of water are about to take out the samurai duo and their cat drawing as they attempt to climb up onto Zou.

One Piece 806 - Zou Zunisha

Beppo asks Luffy to inform Law about their crews situation. Apparently, he cannot leave the forest being a guardian assistant to some “Nekomamushi”.  Meanwhile, Usopp is on the lookout for Luffy and mistakenly spots him being “devoured” by Carrot who for some reason is chewing on his ear. The cannibal joke aside, Wanda breaks into tears upon seeing the torture device as she remembers what can only be a deceased former loved being tortured by Jack. Jack seemed to have been looking for something at the time that the unnamed did not know of. It seems that Jack is now off the island and might be captured or heavily by the navy after attempting to rescue Doflamingo. He managed to sink two ships in the presence of Sengoku and Fujitora but I doubt he lasted long.

One Piece 806 - Wandas Sadness

Quite abruptly, Law uses shambles to teleport the Strawhats to Luffy’s location. Talk about your handy devil fruit abilities uh? More cannibal jokes aside, the party reaches their destination At the Fort on the Right Belly. Wanda talks the guards down and notifies them that the Strawhats have arrived. She tells them not to ring the “Welcome Bell” which is interesting and might be something similar to the golden Belfry on Skypeia. Inside the fort we see Nami (looking hot as hell) sleeping on what seems like a giant sheep. Chopper comes running to tell her that Luffy has arrived. The Strawhats enter to see a fort with a ship and gigantic pineapples hanging from trees filled with cheering Minks. Luffy makes some dumb remark but is silenced by Wanda licking him (what is up with these Mink girls?). Nami runs straight to hug Luffy and Chopper to Usopp. She apologizes and says something about Sanji…


I loved this chapter! Great art and pacing, many different emotions with just enough info to keep us hooked. We find out a bit of One Piece lore with the Zou elephant Zunisha. From a biological standpoint I found this very interesting and I commend Oda for coming up with such radical places and environments as well as explanations for the lore.

We get a bit of insight into Jack which keeps us begging for more info. Lastly, we are reunited with the other Strawhats. Well a couple of them at least. Sanji, Brooke and Momonosuke are absent for this chapter along with their captive Caesar Clown. It seems that Nami and Chopper have been integrated into the Mink society. They seem to be wearing clothe and jewelry fitting for royalty. It seems that the Minks are quite happy to be in the presence of the Strawhats. This could mean that the Strawhats were instrumental in helping the Mink ward off Jack.

What confused me is that in previous chapter Wanda told the Strawhats that the bodies of their comrades were in the forest of the right belly. This could mean a couple of things. That either Sanji, Brooke and Momonosuke or all are dead. Which is highly unlikely, but I have a couple of theories as to what is going on here…

One Piece 805 - Strawhats Dead


So Wanda tells us that the dead bodies of the Strawhats are here. I think that this is mostly likely only Brooke. But he is probably not dead, his soul has probably just left his skeleton body. Why? because something happened to Sanji! Nami only apologizes to Luffy for Sanji, not Brooke or Momonosuke. But Sanji is probably not dead, after all, his wanted poster clearly states that he should be handed in alive. In this case, Sanji was either captured or willing went along with Jack or another enemy so that the rest of the Strawhats and the Minks would be spared. This would explain why Chopper and Nami are being treated so well. It also explains why Momonosuke and Caesar Clown is missing, Jack probably needs to take them back to Kaidou along with Dolfamingo. Also there is Brooke, it is most likely that his soul is following Sanji leaving his skeleton lifeless which is what Wanda may have referred to as the dead bodies. Or perhaps she just likes morbid jokes. In any case, we never know what Oda will do next but we can only stay chewned for the next chapter. Let me know your thoughts!


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