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Review: One Piece 805 – The Mink Tribe and Starting the Zou Arc

It has been a while since my last review (One Piece 797 – Rebecca). The Chewns went on a little hiatus but we are back for weekly reviews of One Piece manga chapters, starting with  One Piece 805 – The Mink Tribe. Here are my thoughts:


So we finally left Dressrosa and have officially gotten into the Zou island arc. A living island, with the nation’s inhabitants thriving on the back of a giant elephant roaming the ocean. Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke had departed for this island to meet up with Trafalgar Law’s crew as part of the pirate alliance plan to take on Kaido of the Beasts. Having defeated Doflamingo, the rest of the Strawhats departed Dressrosa and have landed on Zou. They are met by a mysterious tribe of anthropomorphic beast people called the Mink’s, a warrior beast tribe who seem to be at odds with another force that recently invaded the island (do we still call this an island?).

One Piece 805 Zou

The first Minks the Strawhats encounter (beside the one that fell off the island and took out the Samurais) were the Rabbit Mink Carrot and the Canine (dog) Mink Wanda. Carrot seems to have a floating ability, probably a devil fruit power and an electrified beast claw. Wanda wields a sword, rides a crocodile and is clearly a leader in this situation, she is also wearing what seems to be Nami’s clothes. Carrot attacks Zoro but is called off by Wanda, Wanda tells the Strawhats where to find the bodies of their crew (WHAT?!) and that she will see them there, she then heads of in Luffy’s direction.

Luffy seems to find trouble again, as per usual, and is locked in combat with the “Guardians of the Whale forest” the Bull Mink Rody and the Gorilla Mink BB (Black Black). Carrot calms them down with a floating  piece of cloth and a bunch of bananas (yes that happened). Before Luffy could finish his thought on how he was surrounded by the other guardians hidden in the bushes, Beppo, Law’s navigator, steps in to inquire about law. Meanwhile, the rest of the Strawhats investigate the sudden evacuation of the city, most likely due to an attack or infighting. Wanda informs us that the country formerly know as the “Principality of Mokomo” was alive and well until a couple of weeks ago until it was destroyed by “Jack”. Thereafter Wanda offers to take Luffy to where the bodies of the other Strawhats are.

One Piece 805 Mink

Impressions and predictions


It’s good to be getting into a new arc considering how long the last one took. It seems like this might be a more undercover arc with less characters compared to the last, which I appreciate. The Mink tribe is reminiscent of Fishmen, but with land animals. In which case, this might be another arc about racism in the One Piece world. It’s also great to finally learn what Beppo was because up an till the time we first saw Beppo and the heart Pirates we had not quite seen anything like him except for Chopper, but there can only be one of Chopper since he at a Human-Human fruit and every fruit is unique.

One Piece 805 Zou Island


The inhabitants of Zou seem to use some kind of electrifying weapon called “Electro”. Luffy is immune to this as we know from the Skypiea arc. These electrical apparatuses very much remind me of Vegapunk and his cyborg creations. If we remember Franky landed on Vegapunk’s home land during the time-skip, he infiltrated Vegapunk’s lab and found many mechanized animals. If Vegapunk spent some time on Zou, he could have introduced a culture of Electro. It could also be that Caesar has some ties with Zou, it is possible that the production of Smile and SAD may be contingent on the existence of the Mink tribe who appear to be Zoan fruit eaters, but aren’t.

One Piece 805 Gaurdians

Strawhat’s Demise

Now let’s get into the main point of this chapter, the supposed deaths of the team of Strawhat pirates that came through earlier. By the way that the Strawhats react to this news, it is clear to see that the other Strawhats are probably not dead. But they certainly appear dead to Wanda and Co. If this is the case then a possible explanation would be that Caesar Clown poisoned them so that they would appear dead. This is what might happen if the opponent they face is just too strong and they could not run. So Caesar makes it appear that they all were defeated.


So Wanda tells us that the country was essentially destroyed by Jack. We know that from at the point in time of One Piece 795 – Suicide, Big Mam’s crew were on the island chasing the Strawhats, there was also a Mink tribe girl who I don’t think is Wanda. They were also being pelted by waves of gigantic clogs of Water from a volcano, probably the trunk of the giant elephant. In any case there was a person wearing Kaidou insignia sleeping in the forest. This is most probably Jack, likely a higher-up in Kaidou’s pecking order. They say that he appeared a couple of weeks ago on this island. I am not certain, but this may have been around the time that Kaidou would have heard that Caesar Clown was captured. If Zou is indeed linked to the production of Smile and SAD then Kaidou might have dispatched Jack to claim the island for himself. But this is just a theory.

One Piece 795 - Kaido crew


A great chapter with a lot happening. An air of mystery which is a great change of pace from the Last arc. I also feel, or at least hope, that this will be a much more contained and linear story arc than Dressrosa. We need some of that One Piece greatness back. But anyway, let me know what you think!


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Image credits:  Shueisha, VIZ media, Weekly Shōnen Jump

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