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So the One Piece manga took a break last week after the Strawhats’ hasty retreat from their hideout on Dressrosa. Before setting off though, Luffy decides to go pay “someone” a visit. This unfortunately leads in to this week’s chapter: One Piece 797 – Rebecca, which basically brings Oda’s string of good chapters to a halt. I am not sure why there has to be so much fluff just to build up suspense for Luffy vs. Fujitora. But I mean, just give it to us already! Anyway, here are my thoughts about One Piece 797, spoilers ahead:


Quite frankly, the cover for this chapter might have been the best thing about this week’s One Piece. I would be all up in that cotton candy party with Smoker. Probably also with Chopper. The Chapter unfortunately goes down hill from there as Luffy decides to separate from the crew to visit the royal palace. With the Marines close behind, the crew makes a hasty retreat for the port while being supported by the various participants from the Colosseum tournament. We saw this coming in the last chapter so it was nothing to write home about.

One Piece 797 - Smoky

Meanwhile Luffy arrives at the palace screaming for Rebecca. The common-folk try to dissuade Rebecca from responding but Luffy ends up jumping up to the window for attention. We then see that Luffy’s motivation for coming to the palace was to bring Rebecca and Kyros (Toy Soldier) back together. Rebecca was sad that Kyros might have wanted to leave her because of what she said about him just being a “one-legged toy”… boo-hoo. Luffy does not care about this but asks her if she will come to figure it out for herself. Rebecca agrees and asks Viola for a favour before heading off with Luffy. Everyone things that Luffy has kidnapped Rebecca and panic ensues at the palace. Luffy is fired upon but uses Emperor’s haki to nullify the threat. Luffy then offers to drop off Rebecca at the hill and then head back off for the port. Back at the hideout Kyros is about to leave but Rebecca stands in his way denying the rumour, that he started, about Rebecca being born of a prince from a far off land. She does not care if he has killed many people, she just wants to be his daughter and live together in happiness… I suppose? While this was meant to be a heart-warming scene, my heart just remained cold. Back at the palace Viola notifies King Riku that Rebecca will not be returning. Also, Rebecca has requested that Viola become queen in her stead.

One Piece 797 - Rebecca and Kyros

The Strawhats and company make it to the Eastern Port before Luffy. But lo and behold, Fujitora is making a bee-line to their location. Fujitora VS. Luffy incoming!

Overall impressions: 

There’s not much to say about this chapter. Everything we expected to happen from the previous chapter did happen. I feel like way too much emphasis was placed on Rebecca’s story line. Like I said in my review of the previous chapter, I don’t care much for Rebecca. I feel like Kyros and Rebecca’s story was not developed enough to now place this much focus on them. Thankfully Rebecca will NOT be joining the crew at the port. That’s one big up side at least. But, the person who WILL be joining the crew at the port is of course Fujitora, and he looks pissed. This man is on a mission and I am eager to see how the Strawhats get themselves out of this one! Hopefully we get to see some Zoro action here, going in sword vs. sword with Fujitora before Luffy arrives. In fact, I hope that Zoro is all that’s needed here, we have yet to really see him open up and let loose. Anyway, this chapter was slow and unnecessary, mainly just a tie-up of an under-developed story line, and to set up for an epic battle or a magical escape off Dressrosa. Only time will tell. But in the meanwhile, let me know your thoughts in the comments section and add your score to the review below!

One Piece 797 - Fujitora Incoming

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