Review: One Piece 795 – Suicide

Eiichiro Oda continues to deliver some hard-hitting quality chapters as of late and it’s bloody brilliant! This week’s chapter delivers some heart-pounding action, a look on what’s happening with the rest of the Strawhats and a major reveal for a character we were the most anxious to meet since Luffy set foot on Punk Hazard. Whilst last week’s chapter was one for the feels, this week’s chapter was certainly aimed at hitting that hype button. And boy did it hit. So here are my thoughts on this weeks chapter: One Piece 795 – Suicide! Spoilers ahead….

P.S. Why is Nami teaching that Gorilla how to use makeup on the cover?… yeah…


So we start of with Fujitora out at sea gambling with Maynard. This pretty much explains how Luffy and company can get off Dressrosa without being pursued by the Marines. He is betting on setting off after the Strawhats on the roll of his dice, and he seems to keep losing. So the Marines are just sailing around aimlessly until the dice rolls in their favour. This is a bit silly but it kind of fits in with Fujitora’s character so I guess it makes sense? maybe? Anyway, the group back on Dressrosa are discussing Luffy’s whereabouts and King Riku decides to tell Rebecca that she needs to be queen now. Yeah good luck with that Ms. Fanservice.

One Piece 795 - Strawhats

One Piece 795 – Strawhats

Thankfully, we cut back to the Strawhat crew back on the Thousand Sunny Go. This is a much awaited scene because we have not seen any of these characters in what seems like years. It seems like the Strawhats were on Big Mam’s ship at some point and decided to escape. While Sanji, Caesar and Chopper are arguing about saving someone. Nami, Brooke and Momonosuke are searching for a girl. They themselves and the girl are being pursued by a dude and a chick riding a crocodile. What the hell?! They are suddenly drenched by gigantic rain drops shooting out of some kind of volcano? These guys are definitely on a weird island. Sanji takes out who I’m guessing is their leader and the attackers decide to retreat. They are apparently searching for a Samurai, possibly Momonosuke or another character? There seems to be a young girl hiding in the shadows that seems to have an animal devil fruit. Meanwhile Chopper spots someone who is knocked out and is wearing Kaidou the Beast’s Jolly Roger. Interesting Indeed.

One Piece 795 - Kaido crew

One Piece 795 – Kaido crew?

In quite a dramatic turn of events, the chapter goes over to Captain Kidd’s pirate base that is seemingly under siege. A massive, man-shaped object has created a hole on their island as the men prepare for battle. A ship also comes crashing down and the pirates speculate that it may be coming from the Sky Island. The chapter then cuts to a few minutes before on a Sky Island being held up by balloons? A story is being told of a man who has endured many defeats, captures and tortures. He attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the sky island. However, every time he was about to be executed or imprisoned he was mysteriously saved. A man that could not be killed, even by himself. And so rises from the hole in the ground, KAIDOU the ***king BEAST! The strongest pirate alive. Kaido stumbles out mentioning Whitebeard and Joker (Doflamingo) and declares that he is about to begin the biggest war of the century. Such a bad-ass.

One Piece 795 - Kaido

One Piece 795 – Kaido

Overall impressions:   

I loved this episode. The first part with Fujitora and Dressrosa was a bit silly. It took way too long to see what the other half of the Strawhats were getting up to. Although I am confused into how they ended up in that predicament. My guess is that at some point the story will be a flashback to their interactions on the Big Mam ship. I am also anxious to see what is going on on this crazy island. Who are these attackers and why they are after this little girl who is clearly a Zoan type devil fruit eater. My guess is that she is caught up in Kaido’s operation and the smile production. Sad and smile are developed for synthetic Zoan-type devil fruits so this will play interestingly into this situation. There was also a shot of a person who is probably part of Kaido’s crew as well so it should fit in. I am interested to see how this Big Mam and Kaido situation is played out and it seems like Oda may be able to hit two birds with one stone on the next arc, hopefully.

Kaido’s entrance and appearance to the One Piece universe is quite epic. He has become the strongest pirate since Whitebeard died and has some sort of connection to Whitebeard himself. I am quite keen to find out how. Kaido’s character design is reminiscent of Oars and Little Oar’s junior and seems to be some kind of giant or giant hybrid. I am guessing that he has some kind of ability (fruit) that makes him lucky enough to never die or be defeated. Otherwise he is just a really lucky and really strong guy and I can’t wait to see him in action. He appears in front of Captain Kidd’s pirate alliance and those young-blood idiots might actually attack him. I would like to see how this plays out. It is possible that some of the Captains may be taken out during the encounter. Or some may run away scared and join up with Luffy and Law’s alliance. Either way, Kaido is pissed off, at Whitebeard perhaps? definitely at Doflamingo and at the world. There is no doubt that the proverbial shit has hit the fan. War is coming!


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