Review: One Piece 794 – Sabo’s Adventure

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote about One Piece. There was not that much to speak about following Doflamingo’s defeat in Chapter 791. However, this week’s chapter, Sabo’s Adventure, gave me a much-needed push to jump back into the fray. For me, this week’s chapter represented the pure genius of Oda’s One Piece masterpiece. Reminding us of why so many fans have stayed with this series for so long. It has been such a long time since I have been hit this deep in the feels, and it’s awesome. So here is my review discussion of the latest One Piece chapter! *SPOILERS AHEAD*.

Chapter 792-793 recap:

So following Doflamingo’s defeat, two major things happened that will definitely have major consequences in the future. Firstly, Jesus Burgess was toasted into oblivion by an angered Sabo. In this scene, Burgess got shot for talking shit about Ace after being defeated by Sabo. For some reason, he was trying to bait Sabo into killing him. Despite trying to ignore him, Sabo became angry enough to deal a finishing blow. Well I guess “technically” it was Ace that was angry and couldn’t forgive him, but that was a bit of a stretch for me. I doubt that this is the last time that we will see Burgess but I am interested to see why Burgess was so keen for more fighting. Perhaps he has an ability to get stronger after being defeated? or needed Intel for Blackbeard? There is no doubt that there will be some sort of backlash from Blackbeard as a Yonkou. Afterward Koala confirms to Sabo that she retrieved some kind of list. I can’t quite remember if this item was referred to before but it is clearly important to the revolutionary army. It may have been the reason that Sabo was allowed to come to Dressrosa for the Mera-Mera fruit.


The second interesting point for me was Admiral Fujitora and the Marines kneeling down to King Riku apologising for what happened to the Kingdom of Dressrosa. To my recollection, the Marines and the World Government have never taken full responsibility for any of the pirate-related hardships that befell citizens. So this is actually quite a big deal for the general populace and may send waves throughout the world. Fujitora is a newcomer to the organisation but he clearly has his own reasons for being there. He is not easily swayed by the higher-up and lives for his own sense of justice, much like Aokiji another former Admiral. I am deeply interested in Fujitora’s story. I am hoping that he becomes involved with the Revolutionary Army story-line and I would like to see some dialogue between him and Aokiji. The news of Doflamingo’s defeat spread like wild-fire through the seas and it seems as though Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates are back on the map not only for the World Government but also for their pirating rivals.


Chapter 794: Sabo’s Adventure

We began this week with the crew on a secluded spot away from town. Clearly avoiding the Marines who are probably now stationed in the area. Of the Strawhats, only Robin, Zoro and Franky are awake. Sabo regales them with his story after the incident in his home town. A story One Piece fans have been waiting for, for quite a while. It is confirmed that Dragon saves Sabo from the explosion. But, his injuries has left him with amnesia. All that’s left of his memories was the urge to never return home. This reminds us quite clearly that even though Sabo is a noble, his time spent away from the noble world with Luffy and Ace has made him question his origins. Of course, making him a perfect fit for the revolutionary army. Sabo’s memories would only return after the battle at Marineford. Seeing that Ace was dead immediately cured Sabo’s amnesia. Sabo went from a family-less man of the revolutionary arm to a boy with two brothers, one who had just passed. Sabo’s memories returning made him go into some kind of coma. But upon awaking, he had made up his mind that he would get Ace’s legacy, the Mera-Mera fruit, back to him and their family. A thing that Luffy himself pledged upon learning about the Colloseum tournament. This of course led to Luffy and Sabo meeting in the Colosseum. After Sabo’s conversation with the Stawhats he decides to return to the revolution, before Luffy wakes up.

Overall impressions: 

This chapter was certainly needed for many fans. Although it was mostly flashback, it was definitely some much-needed information about Sabo’s story. I actually would have liked it to be a bit longer. Some detail into Sabo growing up with amnesia would have been quite interesting. I also would have liked to see if he came to the same sort of ideas and conclusions as he did as a kid. He was clearly loved by the other members of the revolution so seeing why would have been helpful. Also, I would have loved to see some of his training with Dragon. The scene where Sabo begins to remember his past was quite hard-hitting on the feels and I definitely shed one or two manly tears. Not since Saboady was there that kind of moment for me. Oda not only returned to form on the action side with Gear Fourth but also on the feels side with this chapter. Other than that, I found it strange that Sabo left without waiting for Luffy to wake up. Although Luffy would brush it off without being too sad. It would be nice to see more dialogue between Luffy and Sabo. My feeling is that Oda just did not have anything for them to discuss yet and is probably putting those ideas away for the eventual Revolution arc. My guess for the next Chapter would probably be the Strawhats planning to get off the island. However, with Fujitora, CP0 and Big Mam’s ship lurking around, getting off the island is not going to be easy. Only time will tell. Let me know your thoughts below!


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