Review: One Piece 788-791 – Rubble

Recap of chapters 788-789

[Spoilers] So when I last wrote about One Piece Luffy had just unlocked Gear 4th but was still unable to silence Doflamingo. But honestly, since then not much has happened. The past few weeks were quite slow for one piece, unnecessarily so. For some reason, everything that could possibly occur to detract from the final blow has happened. Doflamingo still had enough energy to decimate some fodder characters and maintain his bird cage. Everyone not involved in the fight scurry to hold bird cage back. Everyone is doing everything they can to survive and give Luffy time. Then there is the Tontattas, in fact, I don’t even want to go there, they have been the bane of this arc. There was also a subplot with Gatz, the colliseum announcer, trying to cheer Luffy and the people of Dressrosa I supposed this was done to show the urgency of the situation. But way too much emphasis was placed on these scenes. Four minutes turns into four weeks of chapters, which is ridiculous. Some interesting parts included the Marines joining the cage-repulsion team. Fujitora is one of the most interesting characters we have been introduced to lately and I can’t wait to see what he does after Luffy is defeated. Thankfully, this meandering story comes to the end in the past couple of weeks as Luffy recovers.


Chapter 790-791 – Rubble 


So Luffy recovers, and everyone rejoices for some reason. But they were not out of the water yet as Doflamingo was still kicking. Doflamingo is still able to dish out quite a bit of damage with his awakened powers. He turns everything into string and stabs Luffy at will. The half-dead Luffy flashbacks to his training with Rayleigh. He has had enough, an once again activates Gear Fourth. Luffy proceeds to scold Doflamingo for his evil doings. Finally, Luffy launches his ultimate attack, King Kong Gun!!! Smashing Doflamingo into the ground. Everyone is in shock and can’t quite believe what has happened. But it is confirmed to when bird cage disappears. Doflamingo is finally defeated, for good this time… hopefully. For some dumb reason, Gatz feels the need to announce “Lucy” as the winner. Everyone rejoices and cries, and they all live happily ever after.


Overall impressions

Honestly, the fact that I could summarise the last four chapters in a few short lines is an indication that so little happened. Even more so for Chapter 791, in which literally nothing happened. While Chapter 790 – Heaven and Earth was an action-packed an suspense filled chapter. It’s follow up was bland and uninformative. Way too much time is spent away from the action, either with the announcer, Rebecca, King Riku, the Bird cage and the Tontattas. This is actually an quite an adequate summation of this entire arc. I love One Piece, but this arc was way too unnecessarily convoluted and distracted and could have been done way better. On the other hand, some really interesting things did happen. We see how powerful awakening devil fruit powers can be. Fujitora joining in the fray was quite an interesting look at future things to come. Also, I am interested in what he might do afterward. Along with CP0 who were on the island earlier, and Big Mam who was anchored near the island. Defeating Doflamingo will certainly send ripples throughout the world and I am keen to see what happens next.


While the art was okay, it was not that great in some places. The pacing was horrible and the plot, as always, is weird. You can have a look at my scores below, for both Chapter 790 and 791 combined. But let me know what you think!


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