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So this little manga was given at screenings of Boruto – Naruto the Movie in Japan. Sadly I was not there, but as usual, this chapter has found its way onto the internet. I thought I would give a few thoughts as there was quite an interesting development. Similar to “Road to Boruto” a couple of weeks ago, this chapter essentially gives us a little snippet of background information around the movie and we get to see the pre-Hokage Uzumaki/Hyuuga household. So let’s get right into my thoughts of The Day Naruto Became Hokage, watch out for spoilers:


The chapter starts off with Hinata in the kitchen with her two kids Boruto and Himawari. It’s breakfast time and Hinata asks the kids to fetch the still-asleep Naruto from… the couch? While Himawari uses a gentle approach, Boruto goes in for the kill and jumps on his father. At the breakfast table, Naruto is reminded that he is to be inaugurated into Hokage today. Naruto and Hinata have a bit of a fluff exchange about how the Hokage cloak has not come back from embroidery. Hinata insists that they need to leave for the ceremony or they will be late. Hinata then goes off to fetch the cloak from the embroiderer. Afterwards, she arrives at the venue but Naruto and the kids have not yet arrived. Back at the house, Boruto and Himawari have an argument over bringing her stuffed bear. They have a tug-of-war over the bear which ends up tearing. Boruto tries to brush it off and Naruto is about to tell the kids to cut-it-out. However, Himawari gets up with the Byakugan activated! And this little girl is having no shit from her older brother! She easily overpowers Boruto and he goes flying out of the room. Himawari is about to go in for another hit but Naruto steps in and he is critically-hit right in the tenketsu (chakra-point). Back at the ceremony, Kakashi has to continue and Konohamaru steps in to replace Naruto with a henge-no-jutsu (transformation), a classic Naruto throw-back. Hinata finds Naruto unconscious back at the house with his chakra stripped. Meanwhile, Himawari is still on the prowl for her brother who is dead-scared and in hiding!

The Day Naruto Became Hokage - Himawari Byakugan

Overall impressions:

I want to start off with why Naruto was sleeping on the couch? I mean why would you miss out on sleeping next to someone like Hinata? Quite perplexing! Perhaps he was in the dog-house? What did he do? Will we ever know? The important thing to note about the beginning of the chapter is that Himawari is quite young and usually quite gentle. Boruto is usually the more aggressive one as we see with the two kid’s approaches to waking up Naruto. There was a little fluff piece about the Hokage coat which probably only exists as an excuse for Hinata to be absent during the following events. I mean, how is something as important as the ceremonial coat only ready on the day of the ceremony? That’s poor planning! Anyway, shit hits the fan when the teddy-bear breaks and Himawari goes into full-on Byakugan mode. This is quite interesting because it seems, unlike the rest of the Hyuuga clan who always have their lavender eyes present, Himawari unlocks her Byakugan like the Sharingan. This may be because the Hyuuga usually marries within the clan to keep their bloodline pure and their pupils present. This could show that it is possible that the Uchihas may have had constant Sharingan if they did not mix their bloodlines? Just speculation of course, but quite interesting. The Byakugan also sends Himawari into a fit of rage and incredible strength. She is not only able to see the Tenketsus but also strike chakra-blocking blows. As such, she is able to completely knock Naruto out with one strike. In this mode, she is probably stronger than Boruto at the moment. This reminds me of Gohan in Dragon Ball Z, he was able to muster incredible strength at a young age under certain conditions. I believe that Naruto was only knocked out because he was off-guard, I doubt he would have been as susceptible during battle. He was obviously not in battle-mode in his house around his kids. Still, you would think he would be prepared for danger or sense the death-vibes that Himawari was giving off. Later, Himawari is still hunting Boruto, but it is quite confusing how she can’t see him through the walls, she is probably just playing around with him at this point. This may be alluding to Himawari having a darker side that might proliferate later on. She has the Byakugan and we know that the Byakugan is possibly descendant from Kaguya so she may be a reincarnation. This is a bit of a long stretch, but I mean Naruto and Sasuke being reincarnations were pretty long stretches as well. There were much weirder things in this universe. Only time will tell. Anyway, this was a nice little chapter. While not adding much to the overall lore of the Naruto universe, the development with Himawari was quite hard-hitting. This was the first bit of information we got about Himawari and I can’t wait to see more! Let me know what you think!


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  • Paulbee

    So basically Kishimoto is saying that in spite of Naruto persevering through all his sufferings as a child, becoming a hero and saving the world, and then waiting patiently to take his turn as Hokage, Kishimoto is just not going to grant him and we fans who have waited for over a decade for Naruto to be victorious, vindicated, and recognized. It seems he (Kishimoto) will always see Naruto as the butt of jokes. Kishi is just not prepared to ever give Naruto and his fans his moment of triumph and satisfaction.

    • I see your frustration Mr. Paulbee but I don’t think he is intentionally trying to avoid giving us/Naruto the vindication. It was probably the easiest way to create tension/drama and show-off his vision for Himawari. I do agree that he could have done it in an a separate opportunity.

      • Paulbee

        Thanks for your response. I get that Kishimoto is trying to ramp up enthusiasm for his next generation manga and movie sales featuring Boruto and Himawari, but the downside of his approach is that the story of Uzumaki Naruto feels unfinished.

        When I look back at the story, I am hard pressed to see Naruto as having become the greatest Hokage. In fact it seems that Kakashi did all the heavy lifting after the war, and Naruto is doing what? I am not sure what he’s doing. Naruto pledged to become a bad ass ninja like Kushina and a great Hokage like Minato, but Kishi has yet to show that happen. To me it feels hard/impossible to see the story as ended without him being shown to become what he set out to be throughout 15 yrs of storytelling.

        Perhaps Kishi’s greatest flaw is that he told an intricate and successful tale and too many fans know and remember the details such that a glib and under dramatic ending in favor of the star is unsatisfactory, much like a joke without a punchline.

        • Fair point! I would be lying if I said that the ending of the Naruto manga was fulfilling, it wasn’t. It seems the publishers wanted Kishi to finish on a clean chapter 700 instead of fleshing out the ending which it needed. There should have been been a few chapters leading up to Naruto becoming Hokage.