Review: Naruto Gaiden 700 + 5 -The World To Come

Yoh yoh yoh, this is so late. Science-ing has been hectic this week. But I want to take my mind of work and full-dive into the world of Naruto. What is this world called anyway? I don’t remember if they ever made references to what the name of this world is. Anyway here is my review of Naruto Gaiden 700 + 5 -The World To Come, enjoy!


So we left off last week with an impatient, daddy-issue driven Sarada meeting up with her father. The meeting is not quite what she expected as Sasuke assumes that she is an enemy in cohorts with Shin. Sarada manages to somehow dodge Sasuke’s sword stab. If he really wanted to kill her I doubt he would have missed. It might just have been scare-tactic on Sasuke’s part to force information out of her. In which case, she is really lucky that she did not get killed, and the manga might have ended. Or Naruto would be taking cues from Game of Thrones. Anyway, Sarada screams for her father and Sasuke stops. Leading to an awkward moment followed by more awkward silence. I shudder to think what would have happened if Naruto did not enter. We might have all been stuck in an Izanami-like infinite loop of awkwardness. Sasuke scolds Naruto for bringing children onto the battlefield but Sarada intervenes to say that she was the cause. She wants to know if Sakura is her real mother and why he does not spend time with them. I will give credit to Sarada for stepping up and pretty much lecturing her father. Boruto could take some lessons from her. She inquires into why Sasuke has been absent. But it is obviously top-secret and “none of her concern”, as Sasuke puts it. Sarada just storms off in a fit of frustration. Meanwhile, back at Konoha baka-Sakura is discussing Sarada with Shizune and decides to go after her.


The story flash-backs to before Sasuke left the village. A meeting of Kage’s was called about an new threat that Sasuke was investigating. It seems that the white-zetsus were created before the war by another party. Someone who may be as dangerous as Kaguya was. Sasuke volunteers to go after this new threat alone because of his Rinnegan. Everyone agrees that it will be kept a secret, which leads to why he has not been back to the village. I find it hard to believe that Sasuke took this long to track down this threat. He did not even manage it because Shin came to him. He clearly had very few leads and I doubt that there was any reason for him not to come home after a few years. Or at least call home. Naruto tries to convince Sarada that Sasuke is great for going on this mission. I feel like there is some missed opportunity here for showing character development in Sasuke. We barely know who he is now and I feel like he should have made an effort to console her instead of Naruto. Instead, he continues to be portrayed as a cold person.


Back in enemy territory the hooded figure decides that is its time to go on the offensive. He is covered in Sharingan eyes like Danzo. This further supports the theory that he is connected to Danzo and perhaps Shisui. We see that there are actually many Uchiha characters present. Perhaps even clones of each other. Which explains how he is connected to the white-zetsus. Shin may be zetsu-like clones with the Sharingan. In which case, would they not be able to activate Rinnegan as well? Since they probably contain both Uchiha and Senjuu DNA. Shin and his father teleport to Sarada and begin their attack. Both Sasuke and Naruto immediately notice and are ready for the assault. Naruto brushed the ranged attack off and Sasuke goes on the offensive. The chapter ends with a meeting of Sharingan. Shin’s father also has the mangekyou but it does not seem like that much of a revelation. The identity of this character continues to baffle me. One of his eyes looks like his own and the other seems implanted, like the rest on his body. He has clearly been experimenting with Sharingan. We see this in Danzo also. If I think about it, Danzo did not seem like the experimenting type. Although it seemed like Orochimaru was experimenting with this and could have been the cause of Danzo’s implants. This may have been the result of this Akatsuki character instead and he may have been tied to ANBU root. I want to know so bad! Here’s hoping his story is revealed soon! Overall, this was a great set up chapter with some tantalizing insight into the new antagonist. I rate this chapter as a mouth-watering ichiraku ramen out of ten. Itadakimasu!


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