Review: Naruto Gaiden 700 + 4 – A Chance Meeting Part 2

It’s that time of the week once again. Our shonen reading material for the week is finally here, and the hype is real. Here are my thoughts about this weeks chapter of Naruto Gaiden, A Chance Meeting Part 2, enjoy!


We left off last week with the Daddy-Issue BFFs Sarada and Chouchou being attacked by Shin, the boy with the sharingan. Naruto drops in to save the day and a battle ensues. This week we see that Shin has activated the mangekyou. This is a level of sharingan that is normally activated when the user witnesses something devastating like the death of a loved one. So it implies that the kid has seen some awful stuff. Since Shin and his dad were discussing Itachi last week, Itachi’s death could have been this trigger? However, that would not makes sense with the timelines. However, we know that timelines are no excuse for messed up stuff to happen, Exhibit A – Obito. Shin pulls some impressive moves, morphing his giant chained shuriken into a flurry of kunai which Naruto brushes off with Bijuu-chakra mode. An interesting point to note here is that Kurama, the nine-tails, states that Naruto hasn’t fought in a long while. This is a testament to the times of peace they are in and whether ninjas were actually still needed, a point I alluded to in my review of 700 + 2. Of course, the boy is no match for the Seventh Hokage and is whisked away by the sharingan doll using jikuukan ninjutsu. So that explains how he escaped Sasuke the first time. As far as we know, space-time ninjutsu sharigan is linked to Obito and secondarily to Kakashi. Mangekyou powers are usually unique, and Obito’s eyes were destroyed after he died. The only other Uchiha teleporter I know of is Shisui, whos abilities do not look like Obito’s. This is an interesting point though because we never actually witnessed Shisui dying, he apparently drowned himself in a river and used his body-flicker to hide his body. He then entrusted his eye to Itachi, while Danzo has taken the other earlier. This makes me think that these new characters may be linked to Shisui or Danzo somehow.


After Shin escaped, Chouchou makes some remark about the Seventh being her father, so delusional. Naruto reassures Sarada and he states that he is keen for her to meet Sasuke. Although is a display of the Naruto character we know and love, I am still unsure why he then does not make time for his family. There seems to be double standards here, or there is something in the story we are missing from Boruto’s side. Naruto is then given the family lunch and there’s a flashback panel to the bell drill, what a classic. Thinking back, the bell drill exercise was actually quite a well done showing of character introductions, it allowed us to see what the core characteristics of Team 7 was and formed the basis of the entire story right up and till the end. Naruto goes on to give the girls a description of Sasuke, leaving out the parts of how opposite they were as kids. So, Naruto is seemingly still pretty immature despite his growth and responsibilities. The team sets out but later stops for a break, were the ridiculously impatient Sarada makes an excuse to go off on her own to meet her father. In all this anticipation, Sarada seems to activate the first comma of her sharingan. She is met with a cautious and battle-ready Sasuke, who upon seeing her sharingan, thinks she is an enemy. I think that this is a quite fitting and suspenseful end to the chapter. I think it actually refers to the current times and how they have changed. The peace has made the kids less hardened, able to focus on other things in their lives. Whilst the old generation are still battle-scarred and always ready for war. Especially Sasuke who is still out in the field. I don’t that they will actually fight for long without Naruto dropping in. But it is an ironic meeting for the two, and not the one Sarada was hoping for. In any case I am keen to see what happens next.

Sarada eyes

Overall I thought this was a great chapter. We had some insight into Shin’s abilities and situation. Also, we had a look into how the world has changed and how it impacts the new generation. We see that Naruto retains some of his younger qualities but we have yet to see, in detail, how he manages with his new responsibilities and family. The meeting between Sarada and Sasuke was kind of bitter sweet. But if you think about it, every time we meet up with Sasuke is bitter-sweet. I liked it, an I am rating this chapter as an eye-popping nine-tail-hands out of ten. That’s right, because 8 tail-hands are not enough.

9 tails

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