Review: Naruto Gaiden 700 + 3 – A Chance Meeting


Man! a new chapter is out and Naruto Gaiden continues to nail it. We finally see Sarada and Chouchou in action, and Naruto is finally going in. Here are my thoughts:



  • We return this week with Naruto about to leave Konoha to meet up with Sasuke (#dejavu)
  • Here we see a part of Boruto’s issues as his father abandons his lunch meeting to go off on a mission
  • Sarada, about to chase after Naruto, offers to take the lunch with her but Boruto, clearly angered, refuses at first and is about to leave
  • Sarada persuades him, after a push from Shikamaru, and it seems he is not the only abandoned one as Hinata may also be sidelined with Naruto’s new duties
  • Sarada and Chouchou leave after Chouchou continues with her delusional, comic relief tendencies
  • We then see a creepy little Sharingan doll thing hiding in the bushes, yugh, the scene then cuts to the cloaked duo, we now see that the older figure also has the sharingan, although only one eye is shown
  • This dude calls for the kid to capture Sarada, probably as leverage against Sasuke
  • It seems that Naruto knew that Sarada/Chouchou were following him all along, and decided to go meet them
  • Meanwhile the daddy-issue BFFs get jumped by the boy who announces himself as Uchiha Shin and commands them to go with him to his father (damn, I thought it might have been a woman)
  • A battle ensues, Shin pulls out his chained shuriken, Sarada shows some agility and Chouchou retaliates with a bubun baika no jutsu!
  • Shin is about to get the upper-hand but the kids are saved by Naruto, Shin knows he is in some deep shit now



The beginning of this this chapter further delves into the effect of Naruto’s responsibility to Konoha on Boruto and his family. Whilst Naruto is aware of this, he probably feels as though his duty to the village is a priority. My feeling is that at the end of the Boruto story line, Naruto will realize that being there for his family is the same as being there for the village and his priorities may shift. Luckily, we did not get a repetition of Sarada’s issues because I think that point was made clear enough by now. This theme was instead replaced by the interaction between Sarada and Boruto. Sarada clearly sympathizes with Boruto even though he can see his father regularly and she cannot. There seems to be a slight mutual respect between the two but I have yet to pick up on any solid romantic vibes. What is also interesting is that Boruto pitched up at the gate with Mitsuki, I am definitely interested in how they met and why they are friends because it seems they are quite different. There is something not quite right with Mitsuki and I have heard that he may be linked to Orochimaru but I suppose we will have to wait and see in the upcoming Boruto movie. If this was the ongoing manga, the start of the chapter would have probably been padded and it would have ended with the shot of the Sharingan doll thingy. But no! we actually catch up with Sarada’s meeting with the boy with the Sharingan who was sent to capture her for his father. Initially I thought the hooded figure may have been a woman (ahem, who may have had relations with playboy Itachi). So now I am back to the drawing boards on figuring out who this is. Perhaps it just is Orochimaru-related and he is starting to cause some shit again. But that does not explain why they are fixated on Itachi. Itachi had further connections to Danzo, perhaps he had a store of eyes that he was keeping somewhere outside the village in collaboration with Orochimaru? I want to know so bad! Anyway, the kids showcased some of their powers, Shin’s chained-kunai was reminiscent of Tobi’s chains which may explain the akatsuki link. Whilst Chouchou obviously inherited her fathers techniques, Sarada’s techniques were surprisingly absent. We only saw some quickness which was a bit disappointing, but without an Uchiha mentor who was she really learning from? Sakura? Early Sakura was without any good moves as well. Perhaps Kishimoto is just holding her skills back for a big reveal, hopefully. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen soon because Naruto steps in to save the girls in a set up to a confrontation that will hopefully shed some light on what the hell is exactly going on here. I rate this chapter as a…. pat on the head/10. Yeah that’s what you get.


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