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So there was no One Piece chapter this week. And Naruto Gaiden has been off the internet airwaves for a few weeks now. I’ve really missed reading my weekly manga! But I was also left with nothing to write about. I then realised that my review for the final chapter of Naruto Gaiden was missing. So why not patch up that oversight now? In my previous review we left off with Sarada coming to terms with her situation and freeing up her emotions enough to lash out at her enemies with full force. The next chapter, Naruto Gaiden 700+10, would be the last in a series that I will miss not coming back to every week. But it’s fast paced and fleeting nature made it all the more worth the read. Here are some of my thoughts of Naruto Gaiden 700 + 10: Projected Into These Eyes. Spoilers ahead!


So we cut back in to the aftermath of Sarada’s deadly punch from the last chapter. They had been surrounded by an army of Shin Uchiha clones who had just decided to overthrow their creator/original. Using the Sharingan, the clone that was attacking Naruto was able to see Kurama, the Kyuubi. This was of course enough for the little guy to think twice about continuing the assault. I would think that it takes a bit more than just the Kyuubi showing up in Naruto’s thoughts to convince the entire clone army to back off. I would have liked to see Naruto go into full bijuu mode and have a much more threatening stance to show the entire army. Naruto plans to re-institutionalise the Shin clone kids in hopes of reintegrating them into society. This is an interesting note on how the ninja society has changed enough to where people can feel like they can reform their enemies, especially if they are children. Whilst I liked this outcome, it was a bit weird that Naruto had decided so quickly on what he had planned to do with them. From previous instances, he is not the kind of person that thinks ahead. So there is definitely some character progression with Naruto since his ascension to the role of Hokage. Chouchou notices that Sarada has activated the Sharingan and Sarada is reunited with her mother. Sarada reiterates Naruto’s sentiments that it is feelings that connect people and not blood relation. Sarada then asks Sasuke whether he is connected to her mother, and how. Sasuke responds by saying that Sarada is the one that provides that connection which was a critical hit right in the feels. So not unlike Naruto, there is also quite a bit of character progression with Sasuke. Despite being away from the village for so long, he definitelty sees himself as a family man. This will no doubt influence the kinds of decisions that he may make in the future.

Naruto Gaiden 700 + 10 a

Naruto Gaiden 700 + 10 a

They decide to go back home and there is a short time skip to when the Shin clones are being renamed and admitted into an orphanage that is being run by Kabuto, of all people. This is no doubt in reference to the orphanage that Kabuto had originally been at before he was recruited by Orochimaru. Upon arrival back at the village Chouchou reminds us that she was also looking for her father but only managed to find Sarada’s. She walks up to a random person and inquires whether he is her father. And in true comical fashion, the person was indeed Chouji (#cheese). He had just used his butterfly transformation during battle so he had slimmed down to a form she had not seen before. Because of this Chouchou decides that she wants to train for this technique. Whilst this may just seem like a throw-away comic relief scene. It would be interesting if Chouchou actually does train hard for this technique and is able to use it in a critical time in the future. This would no doubt make Chouchou a much more threatening force to be reckoned with. We cut back to the Uchiha family having dinner and not two frames later, Sasuke is already leaving the village again. I feel like he could have stayed for a while before just bouncing on his family again. He manages a heart felt goodbye to Sarada in true Itachi fashion but kinda brushes off Sakura without so much as a kiss. I hope he at least tapped her the night before. The story cuts back to a similar scene at the beginning of the series at the academy classroom. Boruto thanks Sarada for giving Naruto the lunch. Meanwhile, Sarada is the one who shows appreciation because it seems that due to recent events she has decided to become Hokage! Truly a character role reversal for the new generation where Naruto wanted to become Hokage but Sasuke was not interested in the original series. Afterwards we see Karin and Suigetsu discussing Sarada’s umbilical cord and that Sakura did actually give birth while Karin delivered the baby. And now somehow Suigetsu owes Sarada new glasses.

Naruto Gaiden 700 + 10

Naruto Gaiden 700 + 10

This was an extremely quick chapter with a lot of stuff happening. It may have not been as action-packed as previous chapters, there was certainly useful information to note for the future. There may have also been a few weird moments like the orphanage and Sasuke bouncing again. Kishimoto definitely managed to tie-up the series into a nice neat little bow. There is also definitely some set up and foreshadowing for the next piece of Naruto content – Boruto – Naruto the Movie. Overall this was an amazing series and a testament to how much stuff an author can throw every week at us when he does not have to make an ongoing series. It went by so fast that I wish there was more! But this is enough for now and it will only make the next “Gaiden” series that much more special.


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