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Bullet Point ZA: Top Ten Braai Songs

After much discussion in our second instalment of the Lekker Chewns podcast (Episode 2: Favourite Braai Songs), we have settled on our Top 10 playlist of must-have songs to rock out to around the braai. It was a tall order – but after careful deliberation and restricting top spots to a single artist/bands, we managed to rank the best of the bests (with many of the top spots going to SA artists…because Local is Lekker!). Here is The Chewns’ official list of the Top Ten Braai Songs:


#10. Mandoza – Nkalakatha

A song that may instantly amp up some South Africans with some serious head-bopping and foot-tapping. This simple, but catchy tune about “The Big Boss” is one of the more iconic songs to play during sport matches and of course at braais. You can find the song on the YouTube link below, and yes the name of this YouTube channel is indeed “iwillstabyou” #ProudlySouthAfrican.


#9. Mango Groove – Special Star

This is quite a special song for braaing (#cheese). Mango Grooves’ 1989 classic dedication to Spokes Mashiyane, the king of Kwela, is sure to put a little spring your step. This song stomps and pennywhistles its way onto our #9 spot.


#8. UB40 – Red Red Wine

Because: Reggae + Alcohol + Braaing = Good times (#BraaiMath #amen). The choice of drink for many, red wine has been the cause of numerous good (and bad) times. Your braai will probably do fine with just about any UB40 track playing, with other songs like Kingston Town and Higher Ground, you can’t go wrong with UB40 – but of course, the Dop and Chop theme of Red Red Wine takes our #8 spot.


#7. Brenda Fassie – Weekend Special

Before Rebecca Black, there was the queen of African pop, Brenda Fassie. This weekend themed song partly about Brenda Fassie needing to be ready on Friday night for a weekend jol, with her *ahem* “daddy”, has a special place in many people’s hearts – and that’s no exception for us. Taking the #7 spot is Brenda Fassie’s, Weekend Special…daddy’s home!


#6. Jimmy Cliff – Reggae Night

Yeah mon! Listen to this…jam it! The Chewns has certainly taken full advantage of this festive cheer on many an occasion and so should you! Jimmy Cliff’s Reggae Night is mashin’ it up tonight on our #6 spot.


#5. Eddie Grant – Gimme Hope Jo’anna

This song symbolised hope for many people during some rough times in our country’s history. Eddie Grant’s Gimme Hope Jo’anna not only serves as a reminder of where we all came from but also that there is always hope for the future, even today. Everybody at your braai can live together as one with our #5 spot.


#4. Tubthumping – Chambawamba

Yes I know, the name might sound a little obscure. But once you hear this you might just remember this classic played during some adverts, sports and video games. With some massive dop and chop vibes, Tubthumpin’s Chambawamba gets up… again as our #4 pick.


#3. Johnny Clegg – Great Heart

Here’s another artist that would probably hold his own at any braai. Johnny Clegg’s music most definitely encapsulates the spirit of South Africa, and by association the spirit of braai-ness. With many other great hits such as Scatterlings of Africa and Impi, adding some Johnny Clegg to your mix will certainly also add some heart to your braai. The theme to “Jock of the Bushveld”, Great Heart snags our #3 spot with those awesome guitar riffs.


#2. Boston – More Than A Feeling

This familiar feel-good song needs little introduction. You might ask, “Why here?”, and this iconic Castle Lager advert will tell you why. The Chewns raises our #2 glasses to Boston’s More Than A Feeling.


Special mentions

There are so many good braai songs! It was difficult to condense them all into a Top 10 playlist. Before we reveal our number 1 braai song, we have to give special mention to the following tracks which also deserve (dare we say necessary) to be on any braai playlist:

Thin Lizzy – Boys Are Back In Town: Another great sporting and braaing song.

Dire Straits – Sultans or Swing: If you prefer the more classic rock scene, this is one for the ages, and quite a painful one to leave out

Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata : Because we all could do with some Mama Africa in our lives.

Men At Work – Down Under: A great braai song! But it’s about Australia, and some people have some *ahem* resentment for that mass of land.

Sipho Mabuse – Burn Out: A marvelous braai song, but with some… um… questionable… lyrics.


#1. Toto – Africa

I mean really now? Was there any competition for the #1 spot? Yet another memorable Castle Lager advert showing us that wherever you are in the world, a braai will bring you home down to (South) Africa.


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P.S. Castle Lager did not give us any money for this, they just happen to choose really awesome braai songs for their adverts (Featured image).

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