Paris Games Week

The Pros and Cons of Sony’s Paris Games Week

Sony’s media briefing for Paris games week was just streamed live a few hours ago. While there were a couple of major announcements, much of the show was made up of things we have already seen before or new announcements with not much substance for those looking for something new in the AAA sphere. As such, I have prepared a list of pros and cons for each of the presentations in the conferences. I hope it gives you a laugh, and gives you a couple of things to think about.

The Pros and Cons of Sony's Paris Games Week

Jim RyanThe President of SCEE hosted the show, I suppose he is importantI doubt he was happy to be there, or have a soul
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3Has zombiesHas zombies
Star Wars BattlefrontThe force is strong with this oneToo much coverage, just give us the game, and why is there no single player?
Street Fighter VHas DhalsimThat thing on Yoshinoro Ono's head
Tekken 7Major story points, on Playstation VRMore unnecessary Japanese presentations, I mean there must be someone else to present this stuff in English
BattlebornReminds me of the fun of Borderlands but with a fresher lookJim Ryan came back on stage
BoundlessPortal meets MinecraftMinecraft
VectorA music gameBut for who?
No Man's SkyRelease date, the game is actually coming out and not just an elaborate April Fools Day joke in 2016Shown for the hundredth time, still not on Playstation VR, I mean come on
MatterfallHousemarque makes good gamesThis trailer gave us no real information, you should have just stayed at home Housemarque
Ratchet and ClankReturn of classic fun shooter/3D platformersShould have shown us how it would appeal to adults as well as kids
Horizon: Zero DawnStill looks awesomeBecause it's the same damn demo we have seen, just in a different area
Drive Club BikesBikes?Drive Club
Gravity Rush 2More Gravity Rush, more mechanics, deeper combat (apparently)Looks like it was made for PS3
Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndMultiplayer might be interestingUnclear if the trailer was prerendered, a tad dodgy if you ask me. Don't care about Multiplayer anyway
Dreams...uhm...WTF is this?
Shuuhei YoshidaOur lord and savior of the Playstation nationThere are no cons for this man
RigsMehDouble meh
Until Dawn: Rush of BloodVR horror might bring VR into mainstreamPlaystation VR does not come with a built-in toilet
Robinson: The JourneyCadillac's Robots and Dinosaurs Still no toilet
RebellionBecome one with the tankBut for who?
The WalkExtreme walking simulatorRequires walking
Gran Turismo SportLong awaited return of a series for many fansI'm not a fan

Interesting concept, might be worth a play some day, can't wait to ride a bear!... (that snake lady)
Nothing exceptionally new, could use a bit of polish to tone down them wild edges
Detroit: Becoming HumanKara is back
The game is not called Kara
Just a quick list of some of the pros and cons of Playstation's press conference at Paris Games Week 2015

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