Bullet Point Review: Rocket League (PS4)

Just one more match! Come on! … 4 hours later… Just one more match! This is typically how a game of Rocket league goes down at The Chewns. Along with a whole lot of cursing. It’s simple yet elegant nature makes Psyonix’s Rocket League really addictive. It’s fun to both play and watch. Who would have thought playing soccer with RC cars would be so delightful? Why didn’t I think of it myself?! Anyway, here are my thoughts about Rocket League on PS4 with 10 things I disliked and 10 things I liked. Bullet Point Review engaged!


The Cons – Nay!!!

10. Customisation is only cosmetic

So let’s get into some of the bad news first. Whilst there is a ton of customization options for you car. They are only cosmetic. I understand that Psyonix tried to make the game as balanced as possible. But having even minor stat differences between the different vehicle classes would have made the game quite deeper.

9. Limited stages

The initial launch of Rocket League showed few stadium options. This is not such a big deal and I am sure there will be more with DLC. But if you only have the base game, stadiums will get repetitive after a few hours of play.

8. High level AI

I feel like there should have been a couple of steps in-between the current levels of AI. The level gap between Rookie and Pro is ridiculous. Don’t even get me started on the highest difficulty.

7. Replays

Having to sit through conceded goal replays if the other players do not skip slowly kills my soul. But I suppose that’s my fault. Oh well.

6. Demolitions

I feel like demolitions of cars by other players should not have been a thing. I feel like it’s half-assed. If you were going to add battle elements, why not add weapons and stuff? I would have been fine without it.

5. Car colours during exhibition matches

You can only choose blue versus orange. So much for variety.

4. 4 VS. 4 is chaotic

It really is. Having 8 cars on the field just makes the matches crazy. I prefer the smaller matches.

3. No own goal

I mean really? Why must the last person to touch the ball on the team get the credit if it’s an own goal? Own goalscorers must be pointed out and ridiculed!

2. Ball-Cam

Having a ball-cam and free camera mode is helpful but it takes a while to master. There are downsides to both cameras. Because matches are so frantic. Keeping track of the ball is difficult with the free camera. Ball-cam makes sure the ball is always in view but because the camera is always adjusting, when you get close to the ball your trajectory can be thrown way off and you can lose some good shots.

1. Single player experience is not very fun

This game was designed for multiplayer, and it shows. Whilst you can play exhibition and season matches alone. The AI is either too easy or two strong. It can get really repetitive really fast.


The Pros – Yay!!!

10. Simple yet elegant

Although there are a few minor issues with Rocket League. They are vastly outweighed by the sheer excellence and fun emanating from this title. It all stems from the simple yet elegant design of Rocket League. Almost anyone can pick up a controller and play. And even score a goal or two! I mean all it is is a bunch of RC car’s playing soccer!

9. Easy to learn but difficult to master

While the controls are simple and almost anyone can have a good match depending on the situation. Rocket league is surprisingly deep on the inside. Using rocket boosting, flying, spinning, drifting and twirling you can perform some masterful goals or saves that will leave your opponents scratching their heads in disbelief.

8. Highly responsive controls

Not only are the controls easy to use, they are highly responsive for a game that can be quite chaotic at times. Once you figure out the controls and the camera, getting around is quite simple.

7. Stunts

Back to my “mastery” point, discovering the different tricks you can do while in the air makes Rocket league a totally different game, being able to tumble around in the air adds a significant new dimension to the game. It also gives you a clear progression in skill from normal driving to crazy level.

6. Short matches

The short nature of matches enables you to just pick up the controller and have short gaming sessions. Not that you will though, because the “just one more match” thought will have you playing for hours.

5. The soccer vibe

The soccer vibes are strong with this one. The soccer stadium aesthetic and roar of the crowd adds to the tense matches that come up now and then. I only wish that the crowd was more audible and reacted to the action that is going on in the pitch.

4. Sudden death

There is instantaneous sudden death when scores are even after match time ends. This keeps the action going without losing the tension of those final few seconds at level scores as it comes down to who can score first. It is way better than closing on a draw and restarting the match.

3. Wall driving

An integral part of the acrobatics and stunts you can do in the air is wall driving. Instead totaling your car in a wall, cars can fluidly drive up walls. This ensures the action keeps going and some aerial assaults can be launched.

2. Fun local co-op

It seems that the new generation of games is bringing back a focus on local multiplayer games, and its awesome. Playing Rocket league among a group of friends brings much good times. This games is definitely number one on my party games list, both fun and easy to play and watch!

1. It was free!

If you have a Playstation Plus account on your PS4 you got this game free this past month with the Instant Game Collection. Rocket League was definitely one of the games that made PSPLUS worth it to have last month.

Overall Impressions:

Well need I say more? Having this game is a no-brainer, especially if you are looking for something to play with friends. Easy to pick up but surprisingly deep, I think it will resonate with many people. If you have PSPLUS go download it now. If you don’t have PSPLUS why the hell not? PC gamers can grab this game for a very cheap price. Go play it! and let me know what you think!


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Image credits: Psionix

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