Bullet Point: Top Ten Final Fantasy Games

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WatchMojo.com, a channel I subscribe to on Youtube, recently uploaded a Top Ten Final Fantasy games list (attached below). Although a solid list, I did not agree with some rankings so I decided to make my own based on my experiences with these games because they are some of my favourite of all time and some of the most influential on my life.

#10. Final Fantasy XIII

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear I wrestled with myself to even keep this on the list. FF XIII is one of the reasons I have grown a hatred for Square-Enix and their poor business decisions. FFXIII was a poor entry onto the Final Fantasy series and most people who played it ended up dazed and confused. The battle system is weird, the story and map was mostly linear and the characters were shallow at times. But it was not all bad, it was just not a great classic we had come to expect. That being said, the hype I had to play FFXIII was through the roof and it was the #1 reason I bought a PS3. For this, it gets placed at #10.

#9. Final Fantasy Tactics

I have only played the GameBoy Advance version of this game, while I enjoyed the overall gameplay very much, the story and characters were not memorable for me. Perhaps a PSVita remake would change my mind???

8. Final Fantasy XIV: ARR

The only reason why this is not higher on the list is because I took away some points for it being an MMO with limited story depth compared to the main series. But I really enjoyed playing this game and will probably get back to it with the expansions!

7. Final Fantasy XII

Whilst not popular with some, I enjoyed the MMO style gameplay because I was tired of the long loading for random battles in the other games. The overall plot was forgettable but the characters were memorable to me.

6. Final Fantasy VII

A lovely game, but overrated in my opinion especially gameplay wise. Points for being the first jump into 3D and the story was very mature and interesting.

5. Final Fantasy IX

Being such a big fan of the SNES FF games, FFIX’s homage to the classics resonated well with me and I enjoyed the characters. This is a special game to me because the first time I saw anything related to Final Fantasy was an AMV with FFIX cut-scenes over Linkin Park – In The End. Linkin Park’s music and FF games would then become two of my favorite things.

4. Final Fantasy VIII

Many people do not like this game and I don’t understand why. I enjoyed the draw gameplay, I thought it was innovative and the story is memorable and the characters interesting. One of the few moments in the FF series pre-FFXIII where romance and relationships played an integral part.

3. Final Fantasy IV

A wildly overrated game in my opinion, although it did not have as complex a story as others, the characters were memorable and interesting. This is one of the first experiences I had with characters developing over time and the gameplay remains a classic.

2. Final Fantasy X

I love this game! the first on PS2 and with voice acting. I was drawn into this world, the lore, the story and the characters were all great. This is probably the FF game with the most played hours for me and I will probably play it again soon.

1. Final Fantasy VI

My favourite game of all time, and in my opinion one of the greatest games ever made. Final Fantasy VI stands as a pillar of what Final Fantasy means to gamers: memorable characters, engaging dialogue, immersive story lines and strategic gameplay. Also with one of the most interesting villains and a drastic change in the game mid-way through.


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