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Winter Anime Season Review
Now that the winter season of anime is over, it’s time to recap and review what we enjoyed, what we dropped and what we saved for later. Let us know what were your highlights this season! ^^, Click play below to enjoy episode 18 of the weekly Anime Chewns Podcast, […]

Winter Anime Season Review (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 018)

Spring 2016 anime
The Winter 2016 anime season has come to an end, but fear not, Spring is here! (even though it’s autumn in South Africa). It’s time to discuss what we will be keeping an eye on in this new anime season. What will you be watching?! Click play below to enjoy […]

Spring 2016 Anime Series Preview Discussion (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 017)

ERASED Spoilercast
Now that Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Erased) has officially ended, it’s time to delve into our thoughts about the series as a whole and why we felt that it didn’t live up to all the hype… but was good none-the-less! Sam of SirProds Anime joins us to give his […]

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Erased) Spoilercast The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. ...

naruto spin-off
Spoilers for the end of the manga. We discuss some potential spin-offs we would like to watch after the end of Naruto. What would you like to see? ^^, Click play below to enjoy episode 15 of the weekly Anime Chewns Podcast, 10 Potential Naruto Spin-Offs: Alternatively, you can press […]

10 Potential Naruto Spin-Offs (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 015)

one piece spin-off
We put on our thinking caps and discuss some of the potential spin-off series we would enjoy watching in Oda’s One Piece universe. Click play below to enjoy episode 14 of the weekly Anime Chewns Podcast, 10 Potential One Piece Spin-Offs: Alternatively, you can press the io MORE button to […]

10 Potential One Piece Spin-Offs (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 014)

#WTFU #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain
We are new to YouTube and still finding our feet but things like YouTube’s exploitable policies prevent channels much better than ours from flourishing. We discuss #WTFU and #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain and how it affects us, you and the rest of the anime (gamer etc…) YouTuber community. We apologize that we didn’t […]

#WTFU and #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 013)

Midseason anime recap
We take a look at the current anime series, what we are watching, what we put on hold or dropped and why. Let us know what you are watching and what you dropped or saved for later! My apologies for the uneven sound level, I messed up on the mixer […]

Mid-Season Anime Recap for Winter 2016 (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 012)

We take a look at some of our favourite and most memorable moments in part 1 of Naruto. Yes! all the way from becoming a genin to leaving the village we reminisce about the moments that will define Kishimoto’s masterpiece for us. Let us know yours! Click play below to […]

Top 10 Moments in Naruto Part 1 (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. ...

This week the Chewns are getting serious (for us at least) about the state of the anime industry. We lay down a few ways the industry can improve to better serve the consumer (especially in third world markets) and proliferate throughout the world. Why don’t you come join the conversation […]

Ways to Improve the Anime Industry (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 010)

I recently watched a video from The Anime Man on Youtube that really struck me at the core of being an Otaku. While I was actually planning to write this article for quite a while, it was motivating to see that other people (e.g. Anime Review Girl) also have the same concerns […]

10 Ways the Anime Industry Needs to Change