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Things are heating up in the latest episode of Suits S05E06! Join the discussion as Yanas and I (Dup) take a look at the shady motives behind Jack’s actions and discuss the relationship between Harvey and his Psychiatrist, Dr Agard. Click play on the bar below and enjoy! Thanks for listening, […]

TV Chewnscast Review: Suits S05E06

Part 2: We dive deep down into the sub-atomic level of the Ant-Man movie. Join us as we plummet down the rabbit hole of the Marvel cinematic universe. This is our in-depth discussion about Ant-Man, his powers, physics and how Ant-Man fits into the greater Marvel cinematic universe. A SPOILER […]

Chewnscast Review: Ant-Man & the MCU (SPOILERS)

The “Fun-house”, going to the doctor and the meaning behind a number. We ponder and discuss these and other topics in our review of the latest episode of HBO’s Ballers. Click play on the bar below and enjoy! You can also check this out on the iChewns. Thanks for listening, and […]

TV Chewnscast Review: Ballers Episode 6