Ponderings: A Love Letter to Kinda Funny

To whom it may concern,

I was not sure when to write this piece but since the electricity just went out (#loadshedding), might as well try writing a post on my phone. Anyway, since I am now invested in this blog I wanted to chime in about why I started writing it, so yeah it’s flashback time – cue the harp and ripples.

I have been enamored with games journalism for a few years now and am an avid follower of IGN. When I first fell into this rabbit hole I had just bought my first own console the PS3, and was keen on discovering everything about this new world. I have always made time for gaming despite the hectic world of doing science but I started becoming a hardcore gamer whilst doing my BScHons (I admit that at that time I was basically playing with clownfish for fun times). I then realized that gaming was becoming a big deal, almost mainstream. So I became more clued up on gaming in general and began following the industry as much as I could.

Fast-forward to my MSc degree, I was watching the daily fix every morning before going to the lab and listening to Gamescoop every week. At this point I knew my gaming allegiances lie with Sony (#Sonyfanboy… I think?) and I joined the Beyond! Nation right around the time Ryan Clements came in. I was spending many hours in the lab collecting data and I was grateful to have the Gamescoop and Beyond crews keeping me company as I pipetted and analysed my life away. When I watched Beyond! 200 and 300 and “The World is Saved“/”Go Beyond” videos came on, I shed manly tears, and I knew that these guys were not just random personalities on the internet but were something more to me. Although I never wrote-in about it at the time, these podcasts were actually quite influential on me getting my masters degree. Mayhaps I should’ve put them in the acknowledgements section of my thesis, oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway, at this moment I have moved away from my home town in Durban, South Africa to study for a PhD at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. For some reason I am remembering the story of Greg and the snow storm and how Colin fell out of academia to join IGN. Speaking of Colin and Greg, a few months ago they left IGN to start their own business: Kinda Funny. This move made me think of the changes in my own life. I moved on to next-gen on PS4. I am now living with roomates who are also scientists but I can also talk games with. I now have many friends who are gamers that I met through gaming and being active on local gaming websites. I finally published a scientific paper – so I guess I can call myself a “real scientist” now. Things are happening! So I thought I would record it in a blog. I can’t help but remember those days back in honours when I had no one to talk with about to about gaming. But now I have many, and especially my “best friends” the Kinda Funny team.

Lets take a step back to unpack this shall we? I will say this, I came for the @Gameovergreggy but I stayed for the @Notaxation and I can wait to see what they will let Tim host next or just how much Starbucks Nick can drink. Of all the crew I admire and identify with Colin the most, whilst I am no fan of politics and history, I can relate to his thirst for knowledge and I am also a big JRPG fan. Gregs massive personality reminds me of my roommate who is a big, loud, rugby-playing jock of a dude. But what I most admire about Greg is that he realized he could be whoever he wanted to and changed himself for the better. Being an anti-social hermit for most of my life, this is something I am now trying to do and I can only hope it turns out half as well. I know less about Tim and Nick but these two together are guaranteed fun times. Tim and I are on the anime vibes, which is good, and I enjoy the cheesy one liners. I myself am probably composed of 50% cheese by weight so I can relate #TeamFat. I feel like I still need to get to know Nick but he definitely command’s my respect and I appreciate the old-school vibes.

While it may seem silly to most, I do consider these guys to be my best friends. They helped me through tough times. Taught me things, especially about the US. Made me laugh. Kept me company when I sat down to work, eat or relax. Made me care about trophies and talking about games. Advised me on the best media to consume and cautioned me on what to avoid. I am truly grateful, and while I am a poor student and don’t really know how to get monetary support to those guys from SA, the least I could do to thank them is write a long-ass blog post while procrastinating on correcting a paper. Thanks guys! and thanks to the readers as well and hopefully you have some insight into why I started blogging and who I am as a person.

Kind regards,
OGT (Yanas)


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