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The Anime Chewns Podcast – Anime Halloween! (Ep. 001)

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The Chewns are coming at you with an all-new weekly anime, manga and all around otaku podcast. For our first episode of The Anime Chewns Podcast we are discussing some Halloween related themes in anime. But first we welcome a new member to our team, thedigitalpen, who wrote us a beautiful review of the GANGSTA. anime. We discuss our top 5 anime news points of the week including:


1). We discuss the new Tekken 7 game coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation VR to tie up the Mishima story line. We want to know how this is going to work in VR?!

2). We discuss how excited we are for the new Sword Art Online movie that takes places after Season 2 of the anime.

3). Our interest is piqued by the Resurrection of Vampire Hunter D as an hour-long CGI animated series.

4). We take a look at the reveal of The Reflection: a new East-meets-West collaboration between Stan Lee and anime Studio Deen.

5). We discuss some of the most popular anime of the season so far and some reasons for why some of them are not doing as well.


We also take a look at some of our favourite horror anime as well as some of our favourite creepy moments in shows like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Come join us as we have a (hopefully) thought provoking and entertaining discussion.


Thanks for listening, and if you did enjoy this or have suggestions please comment below, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Let us know some of your creepy moments in anime!

Image credits: Gamefreak, The Pokemon Company

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