Bullet Point: Top Ten Anime Series

It took quite a while to get to another top-ten list, this was a tough one. But here is a list of my top ten favorite anime series. For this list I tried to incorporate diversity between series genres, times of release and my personal experience so while you may not agree with many points, let me know and we can have a discussion!

#10. Pokemon

While I don’t consider this one of the most artistic, well voice-acted or a good plot. Pokemon is the start of many South African kid’s first foray into the world of anime. The Pokemon dub was aired in South Africa from the late 90’s and my younger self was quite enamored, going on to play the games and collect memorabilia. For introducing me to the world of Japanese culture, Pokemon gets a spot on this list, along with special mentions to Medabots and Yugi-Oh.

#9. Black Cat

Its been a while since I have watched Black Cat and I need to get back to it soon but this show was quite memorable for me. The show had interesting characters and an engaging story involving assassins, redemption and evil plots. But the best part… was the opening, Yoriko’s Daia no hana is one of my favorite JPop songs of all time! Introducing me to this song gets Black cat the #9 spot

#8. Clannad

Feels, so many feels. This show consistently smacks you right in the feelsacks and its awesome. Whilst this show is not very shonen-action type, the story and characters were mesmerizing. Manly tears, they were shed.

#7. Rurouni Kenshin

This is a classic. Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X has samurais, ninjas, weird weapons and martial arts. But, also a deep and thought provoking story. This was the second proper, subbed anime I ever watched and I still have fond memories. I also want to shout out here to other classics such as Trigun and Cowboy bepop which were also brilliant, but Kenshin has to take this spot.

#6. HunterXHunter

This show starts off feeling like a typical shonen jump battle manga. But as the story progresses, the characters develop and change, the plot thickens and things get dark, really dark. Some stuff was just messed up. Definitely worth a try.

#5. Dragonball Z

I don’t need to say much about this. Chances are, you know a little something about DBZ. Also a dub to air in South Africa, many a kid was hooked on this. While I think it is overrated in many cases, I can’t deny how I enjoyed first watching it and how much Dragonball and Toriyama-sensei has done for the anime industry.

#4. Deathnote

Just watch it. It’s deep, Mariana’s trench deep. Also, shout out to code geass.

#3. Full metal alchemist

Full metal alchemist or hagane no renkinjutsushi is the first subbed anime I ever watched and boy was it good. You can’t help but fall in love with these brothers and sympathize with their tragedy whilst reveling in their bad-assery. Such a good show.

#2. One piece

The longest running of the series on here. Many great moments, interesting characters and a seemingly endless and intricately interwoven story. Whilst One Piece has many poor episodes, the sheer quantity of the good ones and emotional investment one can place in this story is exceptional. I mean how many tv shows can make millions of people cry for a fictional inanimate object #RIPmerry.

#1. Naruto

I am crazy about Naruto. There is no other anime that I have invested so much time, money and emotions for. Ninja’s, samurai, manipulating the elements, messing with peoples minds, DBZ level fights, what more could you ask for? Also, the story of Naruto going from an outsider to being accepted is a one that hits close to home for me. I will truly be sad when the anime ends.


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