Review: One Punch Man E1-4 – Make space for a new Hero!

Here at The Chewns, I (Dup) am one who is always on the look-out for new anime and I think “One Punch Man” is an anime that many people will enjoy, or at the very least have a good laugh watching it. Now, normally the main character of an anime starts off pretty weak and develops over the course of the story to become the strongest. Well… Not here! The main character, Saitama (which looks ridiculous and nothing like a “typical” main character), is already the strongest, so strong he is able to defeat any enemy with a single punch. That concept also took care of the name for the anime, One Punch Man, but so far no one refers to Saitama as One Punch Man. I wonder if that is yet to come. But seriously, he is just that fucking strong! Thank goodness the fight scenes are adequate in duration and very entertaining, despite his ability to finish the fight in a millisecond.


I don’t want to say too much about the story, because it is still early with no clear story-line yet, but it is quite unique in core concept where the main character is already the strongest. As I mentioned above, normally the main character works his/her but off to become the strongest, so here we clearly see “One Punch Man” taking a stab at conventional anime. They also show that fancy hair is not a requirement for strength. Now, you might think to yourself: “If he is already the strongest, what is this anime about then”? Valid question, because most anime have a central theme, but it seems to be focusing on exactly that. Think about it, once you have reached your goal, what then? With Saitama ridiculously overpowered from the start of the anime, the story becomes a journey to find that ever eluding sense of fulfillment. I am really keen to see where they are going with this.
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In general, based on the first four episodes, the animation seems good by studio madhouse (they did Trigun, Hunter X Hunter and Hellsing Ultimate ep 7-11), they make use of some cool and energetic music and there is plenty to make you laugh (depending on the age of your inner personality). If you are looking for some action, without the seriousness, wrapped up in comedy, One Punch Man is perfect. The opening sequence of the first episode encapsulates the essence of One Punch Man. You just need to watch that to get the feel of it. Starting today, weekly posts will go to keep everyone up to date with the events that transpire on One Punch Man.

Go check it out!


Image credits: Madhouse, Shueisha, VIZ media

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