Review: One Punch Man Episode 6 – Words of Wisdom from Saitama…?

Alrighty! One Punch Man delivered yet another good episode this week. As is expected, there were some epic moments, random funny bits and the introduction of new characters. It is pretty clear that the actual story-line is starting to show itself, which is great! It is about time there is some actual direction because as cool as one punches are, I am craving for that something extra.

So Genos has moved in with Saitama in order to learn and get stronger. In this case, Saitama is no idiot. He knows that he is an idiot and that there is actually nothing he can teach Genos. No way will Genos buy the whole strength training story again, so instead Saitama makes up this idea that Genos should change his mindset instead. He totally buys this, to Saitama’s relief, but it actually did make sense. Good on you Saitama.


The first time we see Saitama feeling the pressure, but Lady Luck was on his side.

On the other hand, Saitama learns that if a Class C hero has no activity for a week, his name gets removed from the Hero registry. Talk about bad luck! In reality Class C Heroes take care of petty crimes. Fortunately for Saitama, on his last day, he encounters Speed-o’-Sound Sonic who is keen on a rematch (guess his nuts hold a grudge). This is where the cool action of the episode went down. First Saitama pulled his scary face when he is pissed off, shattered Sonic’s sword by biting it (yup, he bit that thing to pieces) and then quickly takes care of that idiot ninja. He should have known not to challenge Saitama after the scary face. At least Saitama will be a registered Hero for another week.


The only benefit Saitama gets from saving the day is “cheap” konbu.

We are also treated by the introduction of new characters, particularly a couple of Class S heroes like Tornado, Fubuki and a few lower ranked ones. We also get a look at how the organisation makes use of the heroes to investigate certain events in the different cities, one of those being the massive muscle man that Saitama took out. Clearly only the highly ranked Heroes get all the good assignments, which leads me to assume that part of the story-line would be centered around Genos and Saitama’s rise up the ranks. But, I suspect that this might not be as simple for Saitama because he is always the person to take out the strongest monsters, yet no one is there to witness it. In this episode Saitama, with no witnesses, took out the Seaweed-monster who already took out two Class A Heroes So, eventually he may get recognised if all other Heroes get taken out and he saves the day, or perhaps he takes care of a really strong enemy who is after Genos (maybe Sweet Mask?). Either way, the early signs of a plot are there and this is a good thing. The episodic nature of One Punch Man has been good up to now, but the timing is right to add some depth and mystery behind the story of One Punch Man.


Saitama’s reaction to the “hair” comment made by Genos. 

Image credits: Madhouse, Shueisha, VIZ media

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