Review: One Punch Man E5 – Hero exam!

Episode 5 of One Punch Man had plenty going for it on the cool side with an epic fight, funny moments (as usual) and the introduction of a few new faces. Here is a quick overview:

Saitama and Genos registered to become heroes, but first they need to pass the examination at the association. It was funny to see the reactions of everyone when Saitama literally smashed the physical examination and all of the equipment! But the written exam nearly kicked his ass and he barely scraped through the entire thing with 1 point. Meanwhile Genos aces it with a perfect score and is assigned an S rank… Saitama is assigned a C rank. The “master” got a lower rank than the “student”! The poor guy actually felt a bit embarrassed, given how he has actually saved the world many times, yet no one knows who he is and then the C rank. However, the association has an interest in Genos and there may be something fishy going on here since he has been on their radar. The introduction of Sweet Mask, who seems to have a personal agenda with Genos, definitely eludes to this. At the very least, Genos certainly would look much better as the face of the hero association compared to Saitama, so the S rank makes sense from that perspective too.

After the hero orientation, Genos convinces Saitama to have a sparring fight with him. He doesn’t believe in the secret training described by Saitama and is convinced he will be able to figure out this secret that even Saitama himself is not aware off. This fight was epic! Definitely the highlight of the episode. Saitama playfully evaded all the attacks from Genos, leading to an annoyed Genos begging him to come at him with all that he has. That instant Saitama takes it seriously, the fight ends, leaving Genos to come to the realization of just how strong his master is and that he will probably never reach that level of strength. At the end, Genos and his big was of cash move in with Saitama, which means that Sweet Mask and anyone else interested in Genos would have to go through Saitama.

There you have it, a great looking episode with one of the coolest fights we have seen yet. The emergence of a story-line is also evident here, so things should be getting very interesting from here on.

Till next week, stay Chewned!

Image credits: Madhouse, Shueisha, VIZ media

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