Review: One Piece Episode 717 – Kyros’ Fury Strike (Because We Are All Furious)

So usually here on The Chewns we did episode reviews in the form of podcast discussions. But recently, we did a format change in favour of a weekly topical podcast, The Anime Chewns Podcast. As such, I will probably be doing written reviews for the One Piece anime. So without further adieu, let me regale you of my feelings about the most recent One Piece Episode 717 – Kyros’ Fury Strike, and why these past couple of episodes were not my cup of tea.

Recap Piece

Let me start of by saying that this arc is running for way too long. Not only was the arc in the manga long, but the anime seems to go on for even longer. We continue with this poor form in the past couple of episodes (716 and 717). The previous episode saw the defeat of Señor Pink by the hands of  Cyborg Franky, a battle that started in episode 664 (more than a year ago). To put it into further perspective, the Dressrosa arc started back in episode 629 almost two years ago (19/01/2014) and spans 90 episodes next week. That’s 13% of One Piece, but, if you include Punk Hazard into the story thread we get 140 episodes, that’s almost 20% of One Piece anime just to deal with Doflamingo. I understand he is an important part of the story but not 20% worth. In any case, this is not my worst gripe about the previous episode. The most concerning thing about episode 716 is the poor treatment and lack of punch for Señor Pink’s back story. Reading this part in the One Piece manga was one of my favourite moments of this arc (among very few). A very Kishimoto-esque move by Oda, attempting to make the reader care about a villain. However, watching the anime did not make me feel the same way. I felt as though this story beat was too disjuct as the the anime cut between the past and present, Tontatta’s, Kyros and Zoro. I understand the manga might have done this, but it could have been animated much better. The episode also ended with Kyros and Diamante instead of the final Franky punchline where it would have been good to end. Anyway, that’s just my feeling on that, onto Episode 717.

One Piece Episode 717 - Franky Beats Senor Pink

How it should have ended

So this week we have Kyros about to end his fight with, the quite frankly forgettable, Diamante. I had to strain myself to remember that he was in charge of the colossuem at some point. Kyros is getting pelted by Diamante’s Kunai rain thing? An attack that should have ended hours ago because of a thing we like to call “GRAVITY”. Kyros refuses help from Rebecca, insisting that she must keep her hands clean, because of reasons. Diamante gets out from under his sissy metal umbrella and uses a “Half Moon Glaive” attack, which, might I add, is not the weapon that he is actually carrying.


Blades from actual glaives 

Kyros is about to fall from injury, but Diamante the Dumb mentions that he killed Kyros’ wife Scarlet using the gun he is about to use on him. Kyros of course gets a second wind and attacks with a “Trueno Bastardo” (Bastard Thunder in Spanish). In a fitting turn of events, Diamante falls head first onto Scarlet’s grave, taking him out. Another Doflamingo family executive is down which prompts King Riku to take action on the streets (about time). We finally cut to Zoro and Pika, a story thread I hope will finish in the next episode. One can only hope. For some reason, Pika goes up to confront Kyros and that’s where it ends.

One Piece Episode 717 - Kyros beats Diamante

That’s what you get Bastardo!

Impression Piece

Like I mentioned earlier, I felt that Señor Pink’s story line could have been presented in a better way. But now that we have established that Señor Pink is so “hard-boiled” and interesting in some ways, we might see him sometime again in the future. After-all, the purpose of this arc was to form contacts and networks for the Strawhats in the New World to be used at a later stage. Out of all of the Doflamingo family, I doubt anyone beside Señor Pink and Doflamingo are worth coming back to (I hope to never again see or hear Trebol in my life).

Diamante and his powers are quite forgettable. I really fell as though this whole Rebecca/Toy Soldier/Diamante lacked the necessary drive and punch it needed to makes me care. Oda tried really hard to push the importance of Rebecca but I really question her relevance to the story, she is no, and will never be, Vivi. But this might just be a symptom of a bigger problem: the Dressrosa arc having way too many characters and story threads which are all stretched over an inflated time line.

One Piece Episode 717 - Rebeccas Tears

I feel the same way Rebecca

Bottom line Piece

This episode was okay. Above all, I am glad that we are finally another enemy down and seemingly on the way to take down Doflamingo. I still feel as though I was not given enough drive to care about Rebecca other than a token of fan-service.

Thanks for reading, and if you did enjoy this or have suggestions please comment below, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Let me know what you thought about One Piece Episode 717 – Kyros’ Fury Strike.

Image credits: Toei Animation, Funimation, Shueisha, VIZ media

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