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Review discussions about weekly One Piece anime episodes.

One Piece Episode 719 - A Decisive Battle in Mid-Air
We have finally come to the end of what began back in episode 690 – Zoro vs. Pica is finally over. The overwhelming feeling of gratefulness that I have for this story thread being over far outweighs what I thought about the rest of the episode and its faults. But […]

Review: One Piece Episode 719 – Finally!…. A Decisive Battle in Mid-Air

One Piece Episode 718 - Donquixotes Country full
It’s another Sunday and another episode of our beloved One Piece anime. Over the past couple of weeks we were finally able to put the Señor Pink and Diamante battles behind us. I was hoping to do the same for Pica as well but this was just not the case. In […]

Review: One Piece Episode 718 – Recycle the Giant Statue Pica

So usually here on The Chewns we did episode reviews in the form of podcast discussions. But recently, we did a format change in favour of a weekly topical podcast, The Anime Chewns Podcast. As such, I will probably be doing written reviews for the One Piece anime. So without further […]

Review: One Piece Episode 717 – Kyros’ Fury Strike (Because We Are ...

The kind-hearted man Corazon takes his last stand against his former crew! Also, we see a special cameo from Captain Drake of the Drake Pirates. Come join us as we discuss the latest episode of One Piece 706. Click Play on the bar below and enjoy! You can also check […]

Anime Chewnscast Review: One Piece 706

Our third episode of our somewhat weekly anime podcast, it’s The Anime Chewnscast 003. We are discussing the latest Naruto Shippuden 420, One Piece 702 and Dragon Ball Super 3. Naruto is up first but if you want to just hear our thoughts on One Piece you can listen from […]

Anime Chewnscast Review – Naruto 420, One Piece 702 and Dragon Ball ...