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10 Potential One Piece Spin-Offs (The Anime Chewns Podcast Ep. 014)

We put on our thinking caps and discuss some of the potential spin-off series we would enjoy watching in Oda’s One Piece universe.

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The List:

10. The History of Knight of the Sea: Jinbe

9. Young Buggy and Shanks on Roger’s Ship

8. Brooke’s 50 years of loneliness

7. Rise of the Revolutionary Army

6. Journey to the Strongest Swordsman: Dracule Mihawk

5. The family of the strongest man: Whitebeard

4. Buggy’s rise to the top

3. Formation of the Heart Pirates (a Trafalgar story)

2. Coby’s journey to navy admiral

1. The adventures of Pandaman

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