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We are The Chewns! and we are live. A few South African peeps just chewning the chewns and shooting the breeze about the things we love and enjoy. Watch this space for reviews, discussions and overall thoughts about stuff mainly in anime, manga and gaming.

The Chewns“: Alternate spelling for chune, choon, tune, tjoon. Wikipedia definition: South African slang for telling someone something. Alternate definition: a really catchy song.

The Webmaster: Yanas


Howzit going you!… I am Yanas, pretty much the brain behind this operation. I manage the site, social media accounts and YouTube channel. I am probably what you would call a “Jack of All Trades”… “Master of None”. Anime, Playstation Video Games and Science are my forte’s, take it as you will. Cheers!

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The Host: Dup


My fellow internet browsing friends! I’m an old school kind of guy (e.g. grumpy old men in movies) with the attention span of an 8-year old. I have volume issues, opinionated, old school in many ways (especially when it comes to music) and balls deep into sports. Sports is definitely my forte between the two of us! Stay #chewned!

I’ll keep you posted on what’s important in my own unique way:

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The Author: thedigitalpen


My escape from everyday life is anime, manga, Japanese music (rock, pop, hip-hop etc.), a bit of gaming and writing about those very same things that bring me so much joy… And the cherry on top? Getting to share those interests with like-minded people.. so if you’re reading this, then that means you! Want to see my evolution?

Then watch this space!

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The Artist: Ame Valentine


Hiya! I’m an all rounder derp otaku nerd who loves to draw and tries to sing! I’ve been watching anime for many years and I love to talk to people who enjoy anime too ^u^/ My all time loves are Gintama, le vocaloid Kaito and Mamoru Miyano >w<

You can find me on:

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If you are interested in joining our community or contributing you can chewn with us on Twitter, Facebook or drop us a mail here.

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