Monthly archives: July 2015

The “Fun-house”, going to the doctor and the meaning behind a number. We ponder and discuss these and other topics in our review of the latest episode of HBO’s Ballers. Click play on the bar below and enjoy! You can also check this out on the iChewns. Thanks for listening, and […]

TV Chewnscast Review: Ballers Episode 6

We review, discuss and analyse the latest episode of Naruto Shippuden 421 – Sage of the Six Paths. One of the best Shippuuden episodes to date! We go into the matrix of the battle with Uchiha Madara! Click play on the bar below and enjoy! You can also check this […]

Anime Chewnscast Review: Naruto Shippuden 421

It is a bit unbelievable that this is only my second piece of gaming content since creating this site. I’m ashamed :'( *sniff*. But anyways, instead of writing long and drawn-out articles about games. I would instead like to cater for the TL;DR crowd, *ahem* including myself. I will be […]

Bullet Point Review: Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode 5 – A Nest ...

We are back for our weekly locally-flavoured podcast: The Lekker Chewnscast. This week the discussion has a distinct… mmh… char-grilled flavour. Yes! One of the defining factors of being South African is having yourself a good old braai. This week on the Lekker Chewnscast we discussed some of the music […]

The Lekker Chewnscast 002 – Top Braai Songs

Aah man! It sucks when things just don’t go the way you want them to. The Springboks had control of the match against the All Blacks, just to stumble at the end… again. It makes me worry that the Springboks lose composure in the last quarter of their matches, particularly […]

The Short-arm: Beyond the Results in Round 2 of The Rugby Championship

Our third episode of our somewhat weekly anime podcast, it’s The Anime Chewnscast 003. We are discussing the latest Naruto Shippuden 420, One Piece 702 and Dragon Ball Super 3. Naruto is up first but if you want to just hear our thoughts on One Piece you can listen from […]

Anime Chewnscast Review – Naruto 420, One Piece 702 and Dragon Ball ...